They talk about us!

They talk about us (again)! Our friends at Hypebeast just featured Bon Parfumeur in their latest article.So what do they talk about? Perfumes of course... More precisely must have perfumes during lockdown!
Perfumes during lockdown? But what for? For yourself or for your partners/roommates! How many of you did use perfume in their morning routine during lockdown? One may say it is more usual to wear perfume when going out to stand out. So why during lockdown? It became a luxury in fact, a way to take care of yourself and keep your head clear. Perfume definitely helped us to stay positive during these uncertain times!
Our founder - Ludovic Bonneton – shared with Hypebeast: “ We need the fragrances to remind ourselves of the best memories, of people in our lives, and to bring smiles and laughter to lighten the daily grind ». No matter what, perfumes will always remind us of moments, people and souvenirs.... Perfumes will always reveal who we are, no matter whether we are locked up to our sofas!

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