Time to soap it up! Some (very) useful tips!

September is often synonymous with new, well-intentioned resolutions. We know that you’re committed to being eco-friendly and you’ve got a new bar of scented soap (gentle on the skin) hidden in your bathroom! But are you finding it difficult to store your solid soap properly..? Don’t panic! We're here to give you some great tips:

First and foremost, where you keep your soap is super important: it must be dry! A little golden rule to go by is to let the soap completely dry after each use. For that, the choice of material for the support is crucial: bamboo or slate for natural enthusiasts, or even suspended with a suction cup or a rope for a more original result, there is something for everyone! The key takeaway? Allow water to drain away to help your soap dry quickly.

Do you have little bits of soap left over and you don't know what to do with them? Keep them safe - everything is recyclable! We’ll share two genius ideas with you. To start with, how does an exfoliating soap sound? It's very simple, just fill a mesh bag with the ends of your soap bars. The combination of the two makes the perfect set to gently exfoliate your skin.

And why not make your cupboards smell wonderful too? Take splinters from the rest of your soap bars and put them in a small linen bag, place them at the back of your cupboard or drawers and let them scent the air and contents of your cupboard. The perfect way to scent your clothes with 801, 003 or 101!

Now, let's move on to the hands! At this time of the year, with winter just around the corner, hydration is key. Hand creams are just as good for your skin as they are for your nails and cuticles, they strengthen and hydrate them! Remember to massage them well to help the cream penetrate deep into your skin.

Do you love the smell of your hand cream and can't do without it? Try rubbing a little bit in behind the ears (and bewitch your suitors in case of physical contact! Pretty cool, right?).

Bon Parfumeur has converted its iconic fragrances into soaps and scented creams to the delight of all our little noses! Don’t wait to discover these new olfactory worlds and to test out our little tips and tricks that will accompany your daily life!



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