All you need to know about citrus fruit and perfumery !

Star of the summer, citrus fragrances represent for most freshness and sunshine. Tangerine, yuzu, bergamot, citron, lemon, grapefruit... Yes!  All these citrus fruits are in our different perfumes.

But where are they coming from? Most citrus are farmed in the United States, Brazil and Italy, which has a historical tradition and special knowledge of Calabre’s Bergamot.

Citrus have always been very special in perfumery. Hesperides are among the oldest olfactory families.

Citrus are also behind the origin of famous "Cologne" perfumes. Many perfumers have found their success in citrus fruits, such as "L'Eau des Merveilles" by Hermès, or "Ô de Lancôme" by Lancôme, where top notes combine lemon, bergamot and mandarin.

Citrus fruits are almost present in every fragrance and creates its first impression. We often say that citrus fruits dress up the perfume. They are “top notes”: they are volatile and fragile, so they are not very tenacious. They give a twist to the fragrance and is suited for both masculine and feminine perfumes.

 How are citrus fruits extracted in perfumery?

In perfumery, citrus fruits are extracted by the method of expression or cold pressing, to obtain their fresh and fragile essence. It consists of tearing or pressing the peel so that the essence contained in the oil sacks, which line the rind of the fruit, flows outwards to be recovered. Thus by decanting, only the oily part, often lighter than water, is recovered: this is the essence of the fruit. In the past, this technique was done by hand using the “sponge method”.

Bergamot is another example of citrus broadly used in perfumes. Warm, sensual and refined, it is THE ultimate citrus note of perfumery. That's how you will find it in our Cologne 001, fresh and refined, but also in our woody 601. Yuzu, although less well known, is also used in modern perfumery. This fruit looks like a small grapefruit and grows in Asia. Fresh, sparkling, powdery, we chose it for a minty, plant-based Cologne: our 003. Even though they're as good in summer as they are in winter, Bon Parfumeur team can't find anything better than citrus scents to refresh your slightly too-heated summers!




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