What is an olfactory pyramid, top note, heart note, base note? 📖

Let's focus on the ingredients for the new launch of perfume 106. It smells good natural rose, fresh garden rose but it is also suave and vanilla. Here are some details on its olfactory pyramid. 

Before even unpacking the "olfactory pyramid" and the "top, middle and bottom notes". We will give you some keys to understand this somewhat technical vocabulary. 

According to their volatility (or persistence), the ingredients are classified into 3 levels: 

  • Top notes: Volatile notes, the freshest notes that you can smell during the first few minutes.
  • Heart notes: Notes that create the identity of the perfume because they last several hours. They are often flowers and spices.
  • The base notes: Persistent notes that give the trail of the perfume that can be smelled for hours, even days on clothes... Woods, musks are also used to fix, "retain" the heart and top notes. 

Here is the one of 106 : 


› Damascena Rose: fruity rose › Pink pepper: spicy, fruity

› Ambrette seed: sweet, powdery


› Davana: fruity, liquorice 

› Rose Essential: a very fresh rose

› Papyrus: woody, dry


› Vanilla: addictive, round

› Balm of Peru: soft, smooth 

› Sandalwood: warm, milky


What does Damascena Rose look like?

In perfumery, two varieties of rose are used: the May rose and the Damascena rose. Two beautiful names... but don’t have any idea how they smell? We used the Damascena rose in the 106, it is less honeyed than the Centifolia, more lychee, more raspberry and fresher in the head.

What does Davana look like?

This green leaf comes directly from India. Don’t be mistaken though, its green color has nothing to do with its smell. At the heart of the fragrances, davana reveals very fruity, almost cherry and velvety facets and a powerful liquorice note.

And the ambrette seed?

It is a pretty little seed that grows in Peru. They are found at the heart of a large yellow flower that resembles the hibiscus. Olfactorily, the ambrette seed is powdery, musky and therefore warm… a real delight. It is a great alternative to the use of musks coming from animals.



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