Which perfumes for your return to work?

Ding dong! It’s time to go back to work! (What? Already?) After a hot, sun-soaked summer holiday spent dipping in and out of the sea, it is finally time to get back to normal. For that (and you know how we like to pamper you), we’re going to show you which perfumes to choose to make sure you make a triumphant return to the office and get back into the swing of things in style. Today, we’ll be focusing on those absolute must-have fragrances – the ambers and the spices! 

First thing’s first, the ambers. This family represents a little under half of all total sales in perfume! It really is a scent universe which has captured the hearts of the public. Originally, they were built around an animal base, with the use of the raw material known as ambergris – quick story, the sperm whale secretes a substance which, upon contact with water and sunlight, creates a very particular perfume, which is what we call ambergris. It is still considered a treasure among perfumers, but which today sells at the price of gold! Luckily, over the years experts have managed to recreate similar amber notes to diversify their olfactory palettes. 

We’re thinking in particular of two iconic amber perfumes which we absolutely love! These are Ambre Sultan and Eau des Merveilles, with their magical blend of hot, smooth and hypnotic scents. (They really are gorgeous!) But there is an amber for every taste – there are more woody fragrances with cedar or sandalwood, for example, or more floral, richer or spicier versions. 

Speaking of spices, let’s move on (see how we did that?). It’s true that spices are very widely used in perfumery, and are present in almost all modern fragrance families. We distinguish between two main types of spices – cool ones like cardamom, coriander or ginger, which bring a surprisingly spicy freshness and a cool moment of relief to the fragrance.

On the other hand, we have the hot spices, like cinnamon, nutmeg or clove, and these bring a more sensual roundness to the perfume. Qué caliente! 

The ambers and spices represent two distinct dimensions, but still complement each other perfectly. Our 301, 302 and 303 draw us deep into their warm centres, and stimulate our senses with their singular elegance. 

You are:

  • Just back from a scorching holiday where lazing around was the order of the day? 301 is definitely for you.
  • All about holidays with a gang of friends, a gourmet menu and side-splitting jokes? You can’t go wrong with 302.
  • More about adventure, no matter the location? Well, that’s a little bit like our intrepid 303, in fact. 

Get out there, discover our fragrances, make sure you take a moment for yourself and return to work in style! 



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