Discover our exclusive collaboration Bon Parfumeur x YMC London

Bon Parfumeur is thrilled to announce their collaboration with the iconic English brand – YMC for their latest fragrance launch.

Founded in 1995 by Fraser Moss and Jimmy Collins, this British brand offers minimalist and timeless collections. Genderless, YMC London clothing draws on the “army chic” and “work wear” styles and shakes the established genre and fashion codes.

Why a collaboration with YMC in particular? First of all, for the free spirit, the cool and quirky image of the label. But also for their mantra “You Must Create” which could only seduce Bon Parfumeur! Inviting everyone to assert themselves with style and independence? This inspiring message prompted us to collaborate.

This fragrance has been imagined for men and women of the new generation, both artists and urban, who know no boundaries. A genderless and ultra-contemporary fragrance.

With a citrus, bitter orange and mandarin opening, its addictive scent gives off an initial impression of coolness/freshness. Then, the heart of the fragrance intrigues you with a surprising blend of cinnamon, geranium and spicy rose. This spicy facet gives it a bold style with warm and impertinent tones that binds to the woody base notes. Overall, it is a soft, warm and intoxicating sandalwood, cedar and papyrus scent. To recap, it is an assertive fragrance that breaks all the rules.

Did you know?

In Hinduism, particularly, sandalwood is considered sacred. Indian Hindus use extracts from the wood to pay homage to the God Shiva, creating a paste, which is usedto mark the forehead during religious ceremonies.



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