You are our creative family

Let us present our ‘creative family’, shall we? (You are a part of it, after all!) You’ve probably already worked it out – here, our favourite word is creativity. Why? Well because when we launched Bon Parfumeur, we had this idea of not only offering original, incredible perfumes (of course), but also to create a hyper-connected community of like-minded people. Sensitivity, art, talent, inclusivity… these were really important concepts for us from the beginning. They helped inspire us to develop ideas which highlighted these values, and that’s how this whole adventure started… Master perfumers, perfume houses, artists we collaborate with, even you, the reader. Let us tell you a tale of some of the coolest coincidences that have happened to us so far…

Stronger together: our boundary-breaking collabs ! At Bon Parfumeur, we like to explore, to discover… But we also love coming across inspiring souls who make us want to create. Elena and Pierre from the ultra-stylish label AFTERHOMEWORK, Fraser Moss and Jimmy Collins from YMC (You Must Create, now there’s a name which is inspiring!) or the graphic/3D artist Federici – we have been lucky enough to work with all these talented people to be able to offer you creative, unique fragrances, each of which allows you to voyage to totally different universes. We believe that collaborating and working together in this way allows us access to a huge, huge range of ideas and opinions. And it is this which helps us to always be moving forward.



Our ‘super noses’ who take us (and you) on a journey ! Mylène Alran, Karine Dubreuil-Sereni, Serge de Oliveira, Sidonie Lancesseur, Corinne Cachen, Benoist Lapouza… We collaborate with so much homegrown French talent to be able to offer you our incredible fragrances which mix poetry and creativity! When we work with our master perfumers, we like to give them carte blanche, the idea being that we let them freely express themselves creatively (something which never fails to impress us). Each one digs deep into their memories and experiences so they can come up with inspiring and inspired perfumes – perfumes which we hope you will be able to find something of yourselves in. Putting French know-how and the expertise of artists/artisans into the spotlight – this is a slogan which we will always carry with us! 

Us and… you ;) At the heart of our team, between trainees, employees and everyone else (suppliers, buyers, collaborators…) we love discussing and sharing ideas. An exhibition we have seen (well, it’s true that that’s not happening much at the moment), a new tune which has touched us or a scent which we have really appreciated – every day, being able to share ideas allows us to imagine and create. And you too! Your messages, the content you post (which we really do study, lol) and all the other kinds of ideas or inspirations which you share with us, all of it allows us to go further. MERCI! And so we will continue to build, to imagine, to dream…



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