Alexandra Monet

Alexandra Monet is inspired by her many travels. While working for the famous perfume house DROM, she’s visited Munich, New York and Paris. Her favorite fragrance? Very pure musky scents: they have a clean, fresh feel that’s very reassuring. 

Alexandra has always loved working with leather notes: they add a carnal and sensual side to perfumes. She often uses different kinds of rose, including Damask rose, to produce elegant scents. 

For Bon Parfumeur, Alexandra created our Perfume 101, with notes of rose (what a surprise!), sweet pea and white cedar. It’s a real tribute to the ultimate flower. The fresh notes of Damask rose are combined with green, spicy notes of cardamom. Sweet pea and lily of the valley add a floral touch. Then there’s white cedar and patchouli to give this perfume an elegant signature. It’s the perfect combo!

Taking the time to enjoy a glass of wine, strolling through the streets of Paris at sunrise, breathing in a rose’s scent: these are just some of the images that this unique fragrance evokes. In short, it’s an ode to la dolce vita!

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Aquatic Perfumes

Sea, sex and sun... Our aquatic perfumes plunge you into a world of marine scents in which the sea spray transports you across the ocean blue with the wind in your hair! The breeze intensifies, creating swirling scents of spices, pink pepper and nutmeg. Yes to marine notes, but with character and staying power! Aquatic perfumes also feature the morning dew, with sweet and light notes for a feeling of freshness. Peony and lotus flower offer a gentle caress. It’s a far cry from sea spray in your hair! These are very different yet very refreshing scents. 

Available in several formats, depending on your mood! A 30 ml bottle for your first time, a 100 ml bottle for real fans! Mix and match your favorite fragrances to create your own signature scent. What does that mean? It means combining several perfumes, guaranteeing a unique and singular fragrance. We’ve put together a selection of our favorite combinations.  

PS: don’t forget to take your travel-sized perfumes with you to slip into a beach bag or a small pocket! They’re so convenient! 

Treat yourself to an aquatic perfume and enjoy the scent of the ocean with every spritz and passing breeze. Immerse yourself in your fondest memories with our aquatic fragrances.

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Aromatic Perfumes

Aromatic perfumes  include all compositions with aromatic herbs such as lavender, rosemary, thyme, eucalyptus, mint, mugwort... The list is long! This family can also be called mugwort. Aromatic notes are used in perfumery in small quantities because they are very powerful and characteristic. They give a touch of madness to the fragrances most often at the top of the perfumes. Although the term "aromatic" brings us back to gastronomy, they have also been used in perfumery for a long time. Moreover, in the 19th and 20th centuries, the famous Eaux de Cologne were made from herbs, often lavender, which is an emblematic plant of the aromatic olfactory family. In this pretty family one can also find a simple, familiar and at the same time original smell. At Bon Parfumeur we like to say of aromatic perfumes that they are halfway between woody perfumes and colognes perfumes. The aromatic family includes lemon, mentholated, camphorated, aniseed and lavender notes. Our eau de parfum eucalyptus 701 is a very good choice to discover aromatic perfumes with its eucalyptus and coriander notes, it will give you a real funky side!

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Benoît Lapouza

It all began at Takasago, where Pierre Bourdon trained Benoît Lapouza in the art of perfumery. His mentor shared his values of purity, beauty and creativity and Benoît continued to be inspired by these values when he joined Quest. After a period at Fragrances Ressources, he joined Drom in 2014, which is now known as Givaudan. What a career!

He is a real fan of beautiful materials and natural ingredients and creates sensual yet refreshing perfumes. His favorite scents? Vetiver with its complex duality, osmanthus, wood and flowers. Benoît is also inspired by another passion of his: the sea. With his love of regattas, sailing and diving, it’s an endless source of inspiration. It feels like an extraordinary breath of fresh air for him: he can’t get enough!

Travel naturally influences his creations, as do his social interactions. He’s got plenty of stories to tell: from his olfactory interview with Olivier Roellinger and his original approach to Sichuan pepper to how he discovered incredible new citrus fruits such as lime caviar in Bachès. Benoît Lapouza likes to expand his horizons and draws on these experiences to create new and original fragrances.

Benoît Lapouza is the creative force behind our Eau de Parfum 701, an aromatic and slightly fruity perfume. The combination of eucalyptus, coriander and cypress offers an explosion of spicy and captivating notes. Will you pick up on hidden notes of cannabis? Let us know!

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Best Sellers

Browse our iconic perfumes, the most popular products from Bon Parfumeur. Which ones will tempt you? 

You’ll be captivated by Eau de parfum 602 and its combination of pepper, cedar and patchouli, you’ll be soothed by its gentle power. Embrace Eau de parfum 001 and its sweet orange blossom, petitgrain and bergamot, a scent that’s both sparkling and relaxing. Eau de parfum 801, sea spray, cedar and grapefruit will transport you to the coast: smell the salt as it crystallizes on your skin. This scent inspires thoughts of sunny holidays. Tiaré flower, jasmine and hibiscus reveal luminous and delicious floral notes in Eau de parfum 103. We’re getting itchy feet! 

Dreaming of something sweet? Sweet peas and white cedar enhance the scent of roses in Eau de parfum 101. Get away from it all for a moment with this fresh rose fragrance: we all need it. Sandalwood, this warm and sensual milky wood, structures the perfume: we love its scent, even after a long day at work. Eucalyptus, coriander and cypress create a fresh, green and invigorating scent in Eau de parfum 701, like a jog in the countryside.

You’ve been given a lot of information, it’s true! The easiest option? Try the perfumes for yourself and form your own opinion. 

Cooler, more creative and original? Combine and mix your favorite numbers! Mix and match by combining two or three fragrances on your skin or your clothes to create your own scent. Be bold and find yours!

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Carla Chabert

For Carla Chabert, perfumery is a personal passion and a family affair! She works alongside her perfumer father at Fragrances Essentielles, the family-run company. Prunol, ambroxan, sandalwood, vetiver and bergamot are just some of her favorite ingredients. Her fondest childhood memories? The fragrance of jasmine on summer evenings, the scent of fig trees and the smell of desserts flavored with orange blossom. In her view, Bon Parfumeur is synonymous with elegance. She defines a good perfumer as someone who can create a unique signature. Although she loves woody amber notes, she admits that she has a particular love of sandalwood.

Carla Chabert has created Eau de Parfum 003, one of our best-sellers and a clever combination of yuzu, violet leaves and vetiver. Resolutely plant-based, the fragrance begins with sparkling and zesty top notes. Musky and almost spicy notes follow. The combination of tangy and woody scents instantly transports us to an orange grove on a summer afternoon. Close your eyes and imagine relaxing by the pool in the blazing sun.

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Caroline Dumur

Caroline came to perfumery through books : «My mother has always been a big fan of perfumes. She worked in publishing and bought a lot of books on perfume, its history, the perfumer profession, raw materials. I remember this photo of a perfumer who is smelling a civet, it marked me, it was a kind of trigger.» An original way to land in the world of perfumery !

What we like about Caroline is that she conceals many secrets, mythical ingredients, atypical formulas... but above all, her welcoming and kind nature.

For Bon Parfumeur, Caroline created our Eau de parfum 106 composed of damascena rose, davana and vanilla with more than 99% of ingredients of natural origin. It's a “soft rose like in a garden”

It will remind you a sunset in an oasis in the Sahara or a jog in the early hours of the morning through the gardens of Paris. Enjoy !

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Cedar perfumes

Cedar wood has been known for centuries for its fragrant properties. It is a sacred wood for many cultures. Cedar is a coniferous tree native to North Africa, the Himalayas and the Middle East. Like oriental perfumes, cedar has a powerful, strong and imposing scent. It can live up to 2000 years! Nowadays, woody scents are widely used. At Bon Parfumeur, we love them! So we developed the olfactory family of woody scents, and two of the three woody scents are cedar scents. They are fresh and intense fragrances. Our vetiver eau de parfum 601 also contains cedar, as does our pepper fragrance 602.  They bring elegance and structure to the perfume. Cedar, in this case, is one of the favorite woods of the perfumers because it is at the origin of a note which gives resonance and a certain depth to the fragrance. It can therefore be mixed with all olfactory families. They are found for example in our grapefruit fragrance 801 which is part of the aquatic olfactory family or our rose 101 fragrance which is part of the floral olfactory family. The durability of the cedar note is also to be underlined because it lasts in time and can pass through the top note to the bottom note of the fragrance. Woody fragrances are generally intense perfumes, such as our amber perfume 301 or our plum perfume 401. The smell of cedar is one of them and is dry, green, resinous... We could almost compare it to the smell of the pencil, olfactory very similar. Before, the cedar was synonymous with masculinity, today the cedar also makes its place within more feminine perfumes as well as perfumes with vetiver, sandalwood and patchouli.


Moreover, if you are a little lost on the perfumes notes and the various olfactive families, don't panic, we have created a perfume guide to help you choose your perfume


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Cologne Perfumes

Bon Parfumeur Cologne Perfumes are zesty, sparkling and contain warm notes. Our cologne perfumes are not traditional eau de cologne but eau de parfum instead. They are therefore more concentrated in perfume than traditional colognes and last longer on your skin. Our cologne perfumes are made of hesperides notes, such as citrus and bergamot. Their scent is quite unique, often referred as a “refined flower”. Very subtle, yet structured, cologne perfumes smell could tend toward green notes, sometimes bitter as well as rond and sweet. Bergamot zest are for instance used in our 001 cologne perfumeOur cologne perfume 003 made of Yuzu instead is a great choix for a less bitter mix. Very structured you may feel that this Japanese citrus is a mix of several citrus. The fragrance is refreshing, citrusy and well balanced. Our mix of neroli flowers, jasmine and white amber fragrance create a bolder 002 cologne perfume.


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Corinne Cachen

An intrepid traveler, Corinne’s passion for perfumery has been inspired by the delicious scents she’s encountered all over the world. She spent her childhood in the West Indies, where she developed her love of the vibrant beauty of spices, the energy of citrus fruit and the comfort of balsamic notes. Several years later, her dream came true when she joined Drom, the renowned perfume house that’s now known as Givaudan, where she worked for 20 years.

She draws on her personal experiences to bring her fragrances to life but her greatest inspiration is nature, a source of endless treasures with all its power and tranquility.

Corinne is also a rugby fan and loves the friendly atmosphere and sense of community during matches. She sees the sport as being the perfect expression of beauty in strength. What does she love most about Bon Parfumeur? Its mix & match sets. Corinne believes that everyone should be able to develop their own olfactory identity by layering fragrances. In her view, a good perfumer knows how to draw on his or her emotions to develop a fragrance that resonates with people.

Corinne Cachen has created various perfumes including 203, 402 with vanilla, toffee and sandalwood and 901 with nutmeg, almond and patchouli. 203 combines raspberry, vanilla and blackberry. Its sparkling top notes are the perfect combination with its gourmand notes of red berries and vanilla.

Our 402 fragrance is even more gourmand. It combines vanilla, toffee and sandalwood. This mellow perfume is a delight for fans of delicious fragrances: it’s an incredibly sweet scent.

Our Perfume 901  features nutmeg, almond and patchouli, revealing refreshing head notes that are followed by a heart note of blond wood and a sensual tonka base note.

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Discovery offers

If you want to try the entire range of perfumes by Bon Parfumeur, you can treat yourself to lovely little bottles known as minishots. These are miniature versions (just 2.5 ml) of our large bottles and they’re the perfect way to find your favorite fragrance.

Browse our selection of our perfumes Les Privés Minishots, our brand’s Les Privés fragrances made of rare and exclusive ingredients. You’ll find 104 with its slightly damp leafy scent. With its spicy notes, 303 runs hot and cold. 603 has mysterious, spicy and floral notes. Sensual 903 combines mystery and animality.

You can also choose different perfumes to create your own personal selection. Select five of our perfumes and create a unique assortment that reflects who you are. When you buy 5 minishots, you’ll receive a discount code worth €15. It’s valid for 30 days on the purchase of a 30 ml or 100 ml bottle.

If it’s too difficult to choose, treat yourself to our discovery set of 23 perfumes. You can discover our range of fragrances and choose the ones that suit you best with your next order. Why not mix and match? Mix your favorite fragrances and create your own unique scent.

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Floral perfumes

Want to drop everything and go explore? Our floral fragrances will transport you to captivating rose gardens or a field of mimosas. Travel to the other side of the world as you enjoy the exotic scents of tiaré flower and jasmine. Our floral creations are subtle and sensual. This perfume evokes the pleasure of seeing spring’s return and peaceful poolside holidays, relaxing in the warming sunshine.  Looking for a unique and original scent? It’s easy with mix and match. What does that mean? Mix and match makes it possible to combine different perfumes. And we’ve selected a few eaux de parfums that go wonderfully with floral notes. Combine these sets of two or three fragrances to reflect your mood and how you’re feeling. You can take our 30 ml and 100 ml bottles with you every day. When you’re off on holiday, don’t forget our travel-sized perfume bottles, available individually or as a trio. It’s easy to slip them into a clutch or a weekend bag. You can also take them with you on evenings out or when traveling on public transport for an extra spritz or two! 

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Fresh feminine perfumes

At Bon Parfumeur we have a wide selection of fresh feminine fragrances. Every Bon Parfumeur perfume is faceted and you will find both intense scents and fresh scents. Among our fresh perfumes we obviously count our cologne range (001, 002, 003), but also our aromatic (701), floral (101, 102, 103, 104), aquatic (801, 802), woody (601, 602) and fruity (201, 202, 203). That's a lot to remember, we know. Our perfume guide will direct you on our various olfactory families.  They leave a fresh and light trail behind. We like them for their freshness and their subtlety. They are lighter and more airy than intense perfumes. They will bring you freshness and softness throughout the day. The notes of these perfumes are more volatile than our intense ones, but that doesn't mean that their hold on the skin is weak! Whether you prefer fresh fragrances or intense fragrances, the important thing is to find the scents that suit you.  

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Fresh perfumes

We all want creative, fresh perfumes! At Bon Parfumeur, we don’t like to do things like everybody else. Our perfumers have created incredibly addictive yet subtle scents. Find out which one will make your heart skip a beat. Change your perfume like your clothes. To reflect your mood, whatever it may be, we’ve created fresh and inspiring perfumes. A cologne-inspired eau de parfum for pre-dinner drinks? A spicy amber perfume for a touch of personality? Perhaps a gourmand fragrance to evoke childhood memories? Unless you prefer to take the plunge with an aquatic perfumeHow about a woody fragrance, reminiscent of a walk in the woods, or an oriental scent for a seductive feel? It’s up to you to decide who you’re going to be today!

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Fruity Perfumes

The fruity perfumes are very appreciated for their well-known tonalities. Easy to wear in any circumstance, the fruity perfumes are perfect for an everyday perfume. Although innocent, the fruits bring an attractive and ultra greedy side. In the same spirit as the floral perfumes, we distinguish two types of fruity perfumes. Those with a single fruit note - simple and clearly identifiable - and those with several fruity notes - more accomplished olfactively because they are faceted. At Bon Parfumeur all our fragrances are deliberately gender neutral and faceted to offer a result that is always precise and surprising. You can consult our perfume guide if you need help on how to choose your perfume. Our eaux de parfum are also designed to be used together in order to make you the master of your own perfume, this is perfume layeringFruity fragrances are in the spotlight at Bon Parfumeur through three eaux de parfum. The apple first, in a green and tonic eau de parfum 201. Lighter, the fruity eau de parfum 202 is a sensual fragrance around watermelon, resulting in a perfume with both fruity and floral notes. The blackberry and raspberry perfume 203 is the most greedy of the fruity perfumes. Its vanilla notes bring a certain change of scenery and a sweet facet.

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Gourmand Perfumes

Our gourmand perfumes are real Proustian madeleines, reminding us of our childhood memories and the sweets we used to buy. Captivating scents and iconic raw materials, such as patchouli with its timeless fragrance, give these classic perfumes strength and character. Strong, intense licorice, praline and a touch of caramelized sugar: it’s difficult to resist! 

A suitably sized perfume for every occasion! A travel-sized bottle can be taken anywhere and everywhere: have it on you at all times, whether it’s in a pocket in your jeans for an evening out or at the bottom of a sports bag! There’s a 30 ml bottle for those who are curious and a 100 ml for confirmed fans. More than a perfume, these bottles are beautiful pieces that belong over a fireplace, in the living room or the bathroom. One perfume? Why not two or three? Does the idea of mix and match ring any bells? It’s a way to combine several perfumes to create your own scent. We’ve put together a selection of our favorite combinations. 

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Intense perfumes

Discover a wide choice of intense fragrances at Bon Parfumeur.  These perfumes are called "intense" because they are made from raw materials that cling to the skin. They are powerful, characterful perfumes that will leave a real trail behind you. They are stronger and more sustained than fresh perfumes. The base notes are also worked to last longer and to diffuse more intensity ... Sometimes, one spray is enough to embalm you for the whole day! As with our range of exclusive perfumes Les Privés which, for example, are mostly intense perfumes (303, 903, 603) except for 104, which is a fresh perfume. In a more general way, the special perfumes (901, 902), gourmand perfumes (501), amber and spices perfumes (301, 302), and oriental perfumes (401 402) perfumes are intense perfumes. The important thing is not the quantity, but the way in which we perfumes ourself, and the way to choose our perfume. The intense perfumes mark a certain presence. To choose a perfume, it is above all to choose a smell which looks like us. Whether it is a fresh or intense perfume, find all our advices to choose your perfume.

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Jacques Chabert

Originally from Grasse, Jacques is a renowned perfumer. His passion stems from his incredible sense of smell. He enhanced this skill at Robertet, Chanel, Naarden (now Givaudan) and Firmenich. But he didn’t stop there: he also created wonderful scents including Chanel’s Cristalle and Guerlain’s Samsara. In 1992, he founded Fragrances Essentielles, based in the Grasse region, where he now works as a perfumer alongside his two daughters. For the Chaberts, perfumery is a family affair. His favorite ingredient? Vetiver. Jacques also has a real love for jasmine, but not just any jasmine! It has to be grown in Grasse: it’s one of his most beautiful childhood memories of scent. In his view, a good perfumer should be able to inspire others.

For Jacques, perfume is a key part of civilization. He is inspired to create fragrances by artists and their work: composers, painters, writers. Landscapes, from deserts to jungles, are another source of inspiration.

Jacques Chabert is the brains behind our 802. Peony, lotus and bamboo combine to create a wonderfully elegant perfume, with sweet and aquatic notes. The scent of 802 is reminiscent of a garden where the grass is beaded with morning dew. It begins with a fresh, green fragrance before gradually revealing its delicate floral notes, with plant-based accents.

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Jasmine perfumes

Nicknamed “white gold”, jasmine is unsurprisingly a very popular note in perfumery. This star-shaped flower transports us from Grasse to Egypt and then all the way to India. The flower’s scent depends on where it’s grown: it can be green, fruity or floral. Addicted to jasmine perfume? You’re going to love our exclusive fragrances! Travel to a far-flung destination... If you’re looking for a perfume for summer or to warm you up in winter, choose a perfume with solar notes. Combined with tiaré flower and hibiscus, jasmine will instantly transport you to the shade of the coconut trees!  Enjoy a brilliant breakfast Are you more of a fan of light, contemporary perfumes? Combine jasmine with neroli, white amber or bergamot. Want to find out more about how to make an eau de cologne? We’ll let you in on all our secrets!

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Karine Dubreuil-Sereni

Karine Dubreuil-Sereni spent her childhood in Grasse, the iconic perfume capital. From her first years at the Roure perfumery school, now the Givaudan perfumery school, to the creation of iconic perfumes such as Lanvin Éclat d’Arpège, Karine is a much loved member of the BP family. Jasmine, orange blossom, mimosa, rose, iris, anise and citrus fruit are the ingredients that remind her of her childhood in Grasse. Creating addictive scents is a vocation for her. “For me, creativity is the extent to which we’re open to and curious about the world.” What drives her creatively? Her interest in the wider world and her infinite curiosity for everything that surrounds her. A trip, a plant, a good meal, a raw material: these are just some of her inexhaustible sources of inspiration. Art plays a role too, particularly the artist Roman Zaslonov. This Belarussian painter and his colorful work inspire the woody and amber blends she uses in her perfumes.

Karine Dubreuil has put her talent to use to create numerous fragrances and candles for Bon Parfumeur! You’ll find freshness, character and original blends in these perfumes, along with her love of sandalwood.

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Les classiques

Contemporary creations, today’s classics. Bon Parfumeur does not name its creations but archives them in its collection according to a three-digit code. The first one determines the number of the olfactory family. The two following ones designate its order of appearance in the branch. While the collection is potentially infinite, each bottle - and thus each creation - has its precise place.

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Les privés

Rare and intense collection with exceptional ingredients. Bon Parfumeur redefines the benchmarks for talking about perfume and delivers its main elements. Perfumery for honest people. The verbal instructions are simple: everything is said on the label. For each creation, the three main notes are indicated on the bottle. For the lover of this or that raw material, this enumeration allows him to find it and orient his choice. For those who are new to perfume, it allows them to understand what they smell and to clarify their future preferences. The House sharpens the olfactory sense, to refine the good taste of fragrances while preserving a necessary mystery.

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Mix & Match

Would you love a bespoke perfume that reflects who you are and changes with your mood? Mix and match is made for you!

We’ve chosen the best perfume duos so that you can combine them and create new scents. Treat yourself to our Muse duo, with 003 and 602. You won’t be able to resist City Dandy, combining 101 and 301 for stunning results. And try our Cuddle duo with 101 and 201.

The principle is simple: the duo’s perfumes go perfectly together, so there’s no risk of making a mistake. Give it a try. Combine the two perfumes however you want, adding whatever proportions you want of both fragrances. Experiment and find a balance that suits you.

Mix and match is an opportunity to create your own personal scent. It’s also a chance to change the fragrance to suit your mood by changing the proportions. One fragrance for a day at work, another one for a night out with friends and yet another for your holiday. There’s no limit to your creativity.

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Musk Perfumes

Animalistic and wild, black musk perfume is generally regarded as a scent for men. Wrong! Women love its irresistibly sensual side. Often used in perfumery, white musk has been chosen purposefully by our perfumers to create truly must-have fragrances. Like a night out in a cool bar... Inspired by the iconic G&T, our perfumer Karine has created Eau de Parfum 004 with gin, mandarin and musk: an addictive musk perfume for fans of mixology. She’s chosen to combine juniper berries with Italian lemon, bergamot and mandarin to create an icy and sparkling scent! Or your favorite cake, just out of the oven. Corinne Cachen has created Eau de Parfum 402 with vanilla, caramel and sandalwood which is deliciously sweet with oriental accents. What does it promise? Notes of almond, sandalwood, benzoin and musk. It’s a delight!

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Mylène Alran

Mylène Alran grew up in the south-west of France. She loved discovering natural scents, including the woodland undergrowth and the rose bushes in her family’s garden. She decided to leave the south-west to move to Grasse, the perfume capital, and joined Robertet in 2010. A few months later, Mylène Alran moved to Paris to continue her career alongside Michel Almairac. In January 2019, she achieved her goal of joining Drom Fragrances.

Addicted to woody notes, lichen, moss and vetiver, she creates elegant perfumes with real character. Nature, fashion, art and travel (particularly to Morocco and Cuba) are inexhaustible sources of inspiration for her work. Her definition of a good perfumer is simple: someone with an in-depth knowledge of the classics who’s not afraid to be bold. Patience is another essential quality, in her view!

For Bon Parfumeur, Mylène Alran has created Eau de Parfum 603. It showcases her love of Morocco and combines leather, incense and tonka. The atmosphere of the souks, the bustling streets… This perfume will take you on a dreamy and sunny journey to a comforting memory. Close your eyes and be transported to an almost mystical world… The fragrance blends warm, oriental notes with a tangy freshness. When the perfume reveals itself, it presents both sides of its perfectly balanced personality. A real ode to travel!

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