Mix & Match

Perfumes layering by Bon Parfumeur

Would you love a bespoke perfume that reflects who you are and changes with your mood? Mix and match is made for you!

We’ve chosen the best perfume duos so that you can combine them and create new scents. Treat yourself to our Muse duo, with 003 and 602. You won’t be able to resist City Dandy, combining 101 and 301 for stunning results. And try our Cuddle duo with 101 and 201.

The principle is simple: the duo’s perfumes go perfectly together, so there’s no risk of making a mistake. Give it a try. Combine the two perfumes however you want, adding whatever proportions you want of both fragrances. Experiment and find a balance that suits you.

Mix and match is an opportunity to create your own personal scent. It’s also a chance to change the fragrance to suit your mood by changing the proportions. One fragrance for a day at work, another one for a night out with friends and yet another for your holiday. There’s no limit to your creativity.



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