It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Ho, ho, ho… At Bon parfumeur we really really love the holiday season! Good meals, unlimited wine, gifts & family - in short: the magic of Christmas. And it’s coming in no time. To wait until the 24/12, focus on the perfumes that tease us the sweet smells of the festive season!

What would be Christmas without Christmas cookies and their divine smell?

To be consumed without moderation, cinnamon and licorice are used to sweeten hot drinks and decorate a good cake. Yes, but not that’s not all. You’ll also find them in our 501 along with licorice and praline. Just like a joyful retrospective on your childhood. Tbh the 501 eau de parfum is a threat of its own kind, without guilty feelings !

But the festive season also means Christmas trees and its little effect! Hard not to think of the holiday season when Christmas trees are out (we sometimes find it difficult to concentrate tbh)... Even tho Paris is not quite snowy at the moment we can only imagine the pleasure of snow walks and the smell of cedarwoods with our 602 perfume or even vetiver out of our 601. Both sweet and intense, these woody perfumes are great to source the energy of a family diner.

Christmas is also about sharing unique moments with the people you love. With a warm scent like no other, the 603 brightens up these shorter days. Warm, the 603 has leathery notes with a touch of incense. Very persistent, it leaves a real wave behind, as if it was about marking a point. Just enough to inspire beautiful olfactory memories and transport people around you.

But Christmas is also a great time to light candles. Perfect for setting the tone and making everyone feel at ease, we love their sweet smell that perfumes our interiors. With a warm olfactory profile (think ultra cozy), the 02 candle and its notes of honey is the perfect accessory to put on your Christmas table this year. If the smell of 603 Eau de Parfum transports you every time, you can also try the slightly more intense 03 candle for an olfactive journey. We love it to chill on our sofa and take time to enjoy simple things.

No pressure for those that can’t decide which one is best, our mini candles set is made for you! We guarantee that it will delight every of your loved ones - no exception - this year ...



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