Rob Hendrickx, Shop manager & Visual Merchandiser of Shelter !

About Shelter:

Clothing acts as the first house outside your body. Shelter wants to be a heaven for everyone who values ​​originality. We have thus very carefully selected our brands!

- What would you say defines this store?

As one of the few multi-brand stores in Ghent, people like to be inspired by our selection. They are happy to discover things that they will not find anywhere else. 

There is a cheerful, enthusiastic atmosphere, which is also enhanced by the bar next to the store. The interior is colorful and varied, the labyrinth provides voyage of discovery.

- What are your criteria for product selection?

The store brings affordable clothing and accessories while trying to strike a balance with solidity. 

- What is your funniest customer memory?

There was a woman who went completely wild for cedarwood in the 602 and started spraying on the walls to get a better smell! She asked which other perfumes contained cedarwood and started to spray the 602 and 801 all over her arms. In the meantime, she explained why she loved cedarwood so much and that was a comprehensive monologue of memories. Finally, she chose the 602 and stepped outside. Once outside she took off her mask and I could see she was still smelling her arms - only to come back and shout: ‘Give me the other one too!’ 

- What is your most touching customer memory?

Once upon a time there was a couple who had been discussing for some time about who would choose which perfume, and eventually both bought the same bottle. 

“Then we'll just smell like each other" they’d say - isn't that the height of romance?

- What is your favorite product in the store selection?

 A warm sky-blue shirt from MF Pen, 100% made of Tencel. The fit, color and feel of the fabric are close to perfection.

- What is your favorite Bon Parfumeur perfume?

I wear the 003 myself and love the freshness of it. It reminds me of grass in the morning and always gives me a 'ready to go’ feeling.

- Are you a Mix & Match lover? 

The idea is beautiful, and I gladly share it with customers. But I like simplicity myself. The 'less is more' principle.



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