Sunburn on your blues

I don't know about you but we miss the heat. Who doesn't dream at this moment to feel this warm veil that caresses our face? Ok we all really need some sun!

We propose you a small therapy, the 002. A small ray of sunshine in this winter freshness. This cologne might seem a simple fresh water, but it's actually an antidote to gloom. Sparkling and flowery effluences on a comforting musky background. The 002 raises the temperature!

Karine Dubreuil Sereni revisits this great classic of the Perfumery by inscribing it in modernity. This tenacious and very musky Cologne is also light and airy.

The lively opening of an Italian bergamot blends happily with the sensuality of musks crowned with neroli and wild jasmine. To these flowers joins the luminosity of the lily of the valley, which is here worked in clarity with white amber.  The 002 is a mosaic of resplendent raw materials playing with each other in synergy for a mirror effect.

 A small topo on these mythical waters? The story goes that these fresh waters, coveted by men and women alike, were invented by the Italian Giovanni Paolo Feminis.

It was in 1695, and of course in Cologne, Germany! 20 years later they flooded the French market for immediate success. Composed of spirits of wine, aromatics, and citrus fruits such as citron, bergamot and lemon, these alcoholic lotions with a refreshing fragrance were more akin to medicine than olfactory refinement at the time. This miraculous water was exploited for its tonic effects. Today it remains one of the most appreciated olfactory families, which gives us a breath of freshness in a split second. Nowadays, they are twisted to offer us more depth, contrasts and hold. Like a return to our roots, these waters take on their full meaning in today's world. We are looking for comfort and also sensitive to natural, clean and fresh olfactory tones.

When we received Karine's essays, we got a super crush for her elegant way of combining heritage and avant-gardism.

It took a luminous personality to write this dazzling fragrance. Lulled by the flowers of Grasse and the mild Mediterranean climate, Karine brings to light in this composition those flowers we love so much with the scent of vacations.

Curious and sparkling, she embodies the joy of life and the lightness of Bon Parfumeur!

We can't leave each other without taking a look at our beautiful raw materials! We all know the bergamot, it reminds us of the florality of an earl grey tea. This citrus is actually much more faceted than we think. Calabrian pride, it is fresh, sometimes green, sometimes floral and fruity. It is from this small region, at the south-western tip of the Italian peninsula, that almost all the bergamot found in our perfumes comes from. Paradoxically, it gives an incomparable start, but it is also the most versatile of the citrus fruits. Difficult to define! It reveals different notes according to the plots of land where it comes from, fresher in the south and more flowery in the north. The time of harvest also comes into play, green and zesty at the beginning of the season, it is more fruity at the end.

Another radiant material, jasmine! It is called white gold. This starry flower with solar and sensual hues takes us on a journey to India, Egypt, but especially to France, to Grasse. Like the rose, it is the star flower of this region. Fruity, sometimes green, with the intonations of orange blossom, it is one of the most delicate plants there is. To preserve their beauty, the flowers must be harvested at night and processed before daybreak. The jasmine flower leaves behind a soft and carnal trail, in chiaroscuro. 

Admit it, you are already burning to discover it?



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