The Vetiver

Vetiver has become an essential raw material in perfumery. It is present in more and more fragrances these days.

But, what is it? 

We often speak about vetiver, and even wear it without knowing it. In fact, vetiver is a tropical aromatic plant. It is used as a fixative note and has become, in the history of modern perfumery, THE note to add for a woody, planty scent.

For the record, it’s a green and bushy plant native to India, that can now be fond in China, Haiti, Malaysia, Java and Reunion Island, or more globaly in tropical and humid environments.


So, what does it look like?

Vetiver can be recognized by its long, narrow leaves, yet the leaves can’t be used in perfumery. Absolutely, it's the roots instead! And yes, the roots are the well kept secret to this intense scent full of vegetal notes. After a steam distillation, vetiver roots give us a very thick, yellow resinous essence that we use to create a soft, woody and sometimes even smoky perfume.



Is there only one kind of vetiver?

No, otherwise it would be too simple! In fact, there are three different varieties: Bourbon vetiver, Java vetiver and Haitian vetiver, which are used in perfumery. Each has its own characteristics, to our great delight!

The scents are slightly different and the olfactory paring are limitless!

What is the difference between all these vetiver roots?

Well, first of all, Bourbon vetiver is distinguished by its earthy, spicy aspects with a slightly rosy facet, while Java vetiver is bitter and is known to be more smoky than the others. The Haitian vetiver, main productor of Vetiver, is woody, even sometime a little peanuty.


There's no doubt that vetiver has always appealed to many perfumers!

By the way, did you know that the first fragrance created by Jean Paul Guerlain is Guerlain's must-have Vétiver? The grandson of Pierre Francois Guerlain, founder of the perfume house, first olfactory work reminds us of the earth's scents after the rain, the fresh air of early morning...


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