Which perfume to choose for your holidays ?

At Bon Parfumeur, travelling and exoticism are things that truly inspire us. All of our perfumes tell a story, bring back a memory or a specific place. In a nutshell our fragrances refer to experiences and, each time, match a unique atmosphere! The good news is that these atmospheres are often really close to holidays... Here is a little explanation of our favorite perfumes not to leave behind during summer !

If you're a beach boy/girl... 


If you LOVE long baths in the sea and your favorite combo is oysters & white wine rather than petanque & juicy sausage, our Aquatic perfumes will totally match your mood !

They smell like iodine, sea, freshness, waves and blue oceans. In other words, they'd always make you dive in the water !

100% adapted to summer and sea escapes, they include two fragrances made in France (like any of our perfumes !) : 801 and 802.

The first one, super fresh, mixes seaspray, cedar and grapefruit. Inspired from the long, infinite beaches of the North of France, it's a natural and enigmatic perfume, a bit melancholic. Let's talk about 802 : softer, it is made of peony, lotus and bamboo. Really light and sophisticated, it brings us on a lakeside, mid summer, just under the trees' shadows. 

If you're a country side person...

Walking in the forests, cherry picking, enjoying the quietness of the nature... If you like these activities, our woody perfumes will suit your bucolic mood. Super fresh and androgynous, they make you dive into a peaceful and rural atmosphere. 

Our first "green" cocktail, 601, is made of vetiver, cedar and bergamot. With its sparkling citrus notes, it's quite easy to figure it by yourself: lounging on the grass, on a picnic blanket, enjoying a glass of lemonade.


The 602, second perfume of the collection, is composed of pepper, cedar and patchouli. Discreet but a lightly spiced, it reminds us of an exotic forest, where life is simple and cool.

If you feel more adventurous... 

Travelling is YOUR thing. If you like discoveries, new cultures, landscapes, foods and architectures, our Spicy Amber perfumes only can please you. With their hot and sexy scents, they bring you to the Medina, where everything is festive and colorful. Declined in three perfumes, this collection is made for dreamy, spicy and adventurous spirits. 

If you know the meaning of "staycation"... 

Trains, plains, cars and even boats are clearly not your thing. What you like the most during the hottest season ? The city ! The smell of the hot bitumen, and the empty museums and movie theaters is something you absolutely love. The perfume for a summer at home ? 

Our latest drop in collaboration with our friends from YMC will be your best friend! Urban and modern, we twisted a regular rose perfume into a spicy and highly addictive fragrance. So paris!

Happy holidays to all ❤️ 



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