Who run the world?

At Bon Parfumeur, we like daring, atypical and inspiring paths.

We had 3 examples of incredible women in mind! You've probably already heard of Germaine Cellier, Patricia de Nicolaï and of course Gabrielle Chanel? All these women have one thing in common: talented and charismatic, they are creators of fragrances that have become mythical today. Zoom in on these super-star women.

The audacity of Germaine Cellier

Mythical creator of Vent Vert by Balmain in the 1940s, it has marked the history of perfumery with its very green fragrance, with a singular character and accents of galbanum (a grass coming from Asia, quite simply!). A raw source material, almost "earthy", reminiscent of the smell of a crisp green leaf, and fresh at will. It is through this audacious overdose of galbanum, her undeniable talent and creative freedom that Germaine stands out. She thus invents this very first "green" perfume which is not long to be a victim of its success. Free woman, charismatic and with an imperious character, the legend tells that no man resisted her when she had decided to. She was not nicknamed the "maneater" for nothing! In short, Germaine was a real phenomenon at the time. She was a seductive, assertive and above all a perfumer, a profession which at the time was predominantly male. Since then (fortunately), things have changed a little...

The determination of Patricia de Nicolaï

For Patricia, perfume is a family affair... And yes, behind this pretty romantic name hides a belonging to the Guerlain family. Still a young woman, she launched a house in her name in 1989. The pitch? Freedom, creativity and above all no trend analysis. The bet was complicated because fashion was not yet in "designer fragrances" and also because the fragrances were very often signed by men (only). Her passion and dedication earned her the merit of receiving the Legion of Honor in 2008.

The independence of Coco Chanel

You must know her. Coco is famous for having freed women from their uncomfortable corsets and for having freed them from fashion diktats (and let's say sexist, at the time). In 1921, Gabrielle Chanel met Ernest Beaux during a trip to Grasse (the emblematic city of perfumers) on the French Riviera. She asked him for "a woman's perfume with a woman's scent". He presents her several essays and it's no surprise that she chooses the n°5, which still brings her luck today. 100 years later, Chanel n°5 remains one of the most iconic perfumes. Its trail of a thousand flowers and its freshness contrasts with the conventions of the time. Legend says that it is thanks to an olfactory accident, an overdosed ingredient, that this perfume reveals such a special fragrance. Coco is a free woman. If her beginnings were financially supported by Boy Capel, who helped her open her Parisian boutique, Gabrielle makes it a point of honor to repay him to the last penny. Never depend on anyone, ever, and remain free at all costs! Such was the Mademoiselle’s mantra.

The women of the BP Family, our creative perfumers

Sidonie Lanceseur, Nathalie Koobus, Karine Dubreuil Sereni, Corinne Cachen, Carla Chabert, Alexandra Monet, Mylène Alran... So many feminine names that inspire us. These women are at the origin of our perfumes. An innovative, audacious vision and limitless creativity: that's how Bon Parfumeur likes to work, and without them, we wouldn't be here! Many thanks to these talented noses. To discover the ultra-original creations, sometimes even a bit insolent, of these perfumers, it's ici.



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