Caroline Dumur

Caroline came to perfumery through books : «My mother has always been a big fan of perfumes. She worked in publishing and bought a lot of books on perfume, its history, the perfumer profession, raw materials. I remember this photo of a perfumer who is smelling a civet, it marked me, it was a kind of trigger.» An original way to land in the world of perfumery !

What we like about Caroline is that she conceals many secrets, mythical ingredients, atypical formulas... but above all, her welcoming and kind nature.

For Bon Parfumeur, Caroline created our Eau de parfum 106 composed of damascena rose, davana and vanilla with more than 99% of ingredients of natural origin. It's a “soft rose like in a garden”

It will remind you a sunset in an oasis in the Sahara or a jog in the early hours of the morning through the gardens of Paris. Enjoy !


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