Our Perfume Guide

Our perfume guide will help you choose your new fragrance. At Bon Parfumeur we understand that it is not always easy to choose your perfume online. That's why our expert advices are here to give you a hand! We covered everything you kneed to know about perfumes in our Perfume Guide.

1 / How to choose your perfume?

Choosing your perfume is a personal choice that says a lot, a bit like an extension of your personality. It is important to recognize that a perfume is first of all an emotion that only you can control. At Bon Parfumeur all our perfumes are voluntarily gender neutral to give free rein to your imagination.

Some people like choosing their perfume spontaneously. If that's not your case don't panic, we explain you everything about how to choose your perfume.

2 / Difference between eau de toilette vs eau de parfum

What exactly is a perfume? Everything starts with the fragrance, which comes in different forms and concentrations. You've probably already heard the terms "eau de toilette", "eau de parfum" or even "perfume extract"... And yes, a perfume is also science.

I have been very impressed by the quality of every Bon Parfumeur fragrances i've tried. I definitely wasn't expecting such quality ingredients and balanced scents. My best perfumes 💌

— Freya Azoulai

You've always wandered the difference between perfume, eau de perfume, eau de cologne, eau de toilette?
So, what’s the difference between eau de toilette vs eau de parfum?

3 / How to apply perfume?

If creating a perfume is an art, the art of perfume is relatively simple. Our team tells you everything about how to apply perfume. For daily gestures to improve the adherence of its perfume it is ici!

Pro tip: Do you know about the evaluation process of perfumers use to evaluate fragrance? They never put perfume on their skin to decide on a fragrance but use strips of odorless white blotting paper instead, called "mouillette".

4 / The fragrance families

Perfumes are a little like art, there are different types and there is something for every taste. Then no question of speaking about perfume rebirth or abstract perfume, we rather use the olfactory families to distinguish the perfumes.

At Bon Parfumeur we have created ten olfactory families recognizable by the color of the label on the bottle. We explain everything about the different familles de parfums.

5 / The different types of perfume

Bon Parfumeur fragrances are generally alcoholic liquid perfumes. Wait, what? Yes there are a lot of different types of fragrances. Recently for example we have developed candles, solid perfumes in short! You can read more about it right ici.

6 / How to find my signature perfume?

We often identify an emotion, a place or even a person by their smell or perfume. You may have already thought of someone or something when you recognize their scent by chance, on the street. If a perfume reminds you of a particular emotion, it is because behind it hides a signature perfume. At Bon Parfumeur we call this "a mood" and we have taken care to offer a range of different fragrances to suit your desires.

I originally reached out to Bon Parfumeur to get some advise on how to choose a new fragrance for my wife. Their service was very sweet and explained me all their different styles of perfumes. This was very helpful in choosing her the perfect fragrance!

— Maxim T.



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