Car fragrance: travel as you drive!

You don’t have to opt for an air freshener to enjoy a subtle scent in your car. Instead of using these other types of fragrances, we recommend using our eaux de parfum. There’s a whole world to discover on your way to the office or as you set off on holiday! 


Eau de parfum vs air freshener for the car

 Instead of worrying about traffic jams, get out of your comfort zone as you breathe in your car’s fragrance. There’s no point in opting for classic car air fresheners with their familiar scents. Instead, spray a few spritzes of your eau de parfum: you’ll be transported by its subtle and incredibly addictive scent. Choose a different perfume every day to suit your current mood!

A different destination with every fragrance 

If you want to get away from it all while you’re in your car, there’s nothing better than our eaux de parfum. Here are a few of our favorites that are sure to transport you.

The 901, nutmeg, almond and patchouli, for a weekend in Ibiza

Surrounded by your closest friends, your plane is about to touch down on Mallorca’s most famous island. Although the sun is setting, you can’t go to bed now. After a stroll through the local market, you head for the old port. As you sit on the terrace of a typical bar with a whitewashed façade, a waiter brings you a citrus-flavored cocktail. The night is only just beginning...

The 501, praline, licorice and patchouli, for a delicious getaway

It’s 4pm when you sit down on a velvet chair in your favorite café. The place is filled with mouth-watering smells that take you back to your childhood. Your best friend sits across from you, having just arrived from Hong Kong. Over a coffee and a selection of macarons, you put the world to rights. Engrossed in juicy gossip and jaw-dropping secrets, you don’t even notice time passing.

The 802, peony, lotus and bamboo, for a literary trip in the great outdoors

This morning, you woke up with an intense desire to reconnect with nature and with yourself. While other people are still in bed, you’re already sat on a bench in the Luxembourg gardens in Paris, waiting for the sun to rise. You’re entirely alone, with only the morning dew for company. As you read a first edition of Baudelaire, everything becomes clear. There’s nothing better than losing yourself in a book to find your motivation!

The 602, pepper, cedar and patchouli, for a real hit of adrenaline

Today, you want to drop everything, you want to feel alive. You’re going in search of real thrills and you’re prepared to be scared. You head for the 24 Hours of Le Mans race track: your playground for the day. Even at unbelievable speeds, there’s no question of losing control. You return to reality, feeling freer than ever.

The 401, cedar, candied plum and vanilla, for a quick trip to Dubai

Through the window of your room on the 41st floor of one of the most iconic skyscrapers, you marvel at the hustle and bustle of the city. After working for more than 12 hours, you finally take a break. You’ve booked a table for dinner at a luxurious restaurant in the city center. After savoring all the chef’s dishes, the evening continues as you visit a little-known rooftop bar... 

Do you like to mix things up with the fragrance you choose for your car? You can do the same at home with a home fragrance. If you’re a real fan of scents for retail stores, perhaps you’d prefer more intimate notes for your own place?




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