How to choose the right perfume to reflect your personality ?

Choosing the right perfume for your personality can be a real headache. However, a few tips can help you find the right fragrance in the blink of an eye! To find a scent that reflects who you really are, read on for our ultimate advice.

A perfume like a second skin

The golden rule when it comes to choosing the right perfume? Opt for a fragrance that gives a glimpse of your multi-faceted personality, without revealing everything. Much more than a mere part of a daily beauty routine, wearing perfume makes you feel confident throughout the day: you don’t want to make any mistakes! Choosing a scent that reveals who you are while enabling you to retain an air of mystery: mission impossible? Read on and we’ll explain everything.

Olfactory families: a different accord for every personality!

In perfumery, olfactory families can be used to categorize different scents. The good news is that each family corresponds to a different mood: perfect for finding a fragrance that suits your personality, right? It’s time to find the perfect perfume:

Aquatic perfumes for people who are ready to leave it all behind

Essentially composed of citrus fruits such as grapefruit, lemon and mandarin, this family of fragrances is ideal for an everyday boost. Based on citrus essences, aquatic fragrances like Eau de Parfum 801 and its sea spray, cedar and grapefruit, are perfect for lively people with sparkling personalities.

Floral perfumes for homebodies

Subtle and gentle, the floral notes of lily, jasmine, rose and lilac create romantic and intense scents. With their unique combinations, floral fragrances offer limitless possibilities. Our favorite floral perfume? The rose perfume 101!

Special fragrances for those who want a fresh start

Do you have a multi-faceted personality? Are you looking for an unusual, original and truly unique scent? Treat yourself to a special perfume from Bon Parfumeur! Eau de parfum 902 with armagnac, blond tobacco and cinnamon and Eau de parfum 904 with vodka, tobacco and juniper will surprise you!

Oriental perfumes for those who dream of a desert island

Looking for a fragrance with real character? Call off the search!  Oriental fragrances are made for you! With notes of amber and vanilla, these scents are perfect for seductive and powerful personalities. Musky and spicy notes of cinnamon create mesmerizing perfumes that make a real impression. Better than a plane ticket, opt for Eau de Parfum 103 with notes of tiaré flower!

Woody fragrances for those who dream of a walk in the woods

Notes of sandalwood, cedar, pine and vetiver add a simple elegance to woody fragrances. These enigmatic perfumes are reminiscent of scents from the natural world: we recommend the woody perfume 601

Aromatic perfumes for a real wake-up call

If you’re in the mood for an incredibly fresh scent, fragrances with aromatic essences are ideal to wake you up in the morning! Notes of sage, basil, mint and fern create an energizing and invigorating feel. Feel like you’ve just stepped out of the shower with Eau de Parfum 701, made with eucalyptus.

Who said that choosing a perfume for your personality was complicated? By focusing on your character traits, you’re sure to find the perfect fragrance! Looking for something original? Have you thought about perfume layering? Mix and match your scent to reflect your mood: see how it goes!

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