Fragrance houses: bold and creative!

IFF, Givaudan and Robertet: just some of the fragrance houses renowned for their love of incredible perfumes and their bold approach. You may not know much about them yet, but these iconic houses are all behind some of the greatest current fragrances. And what’s even better is that these are the fragrance houses that Bon Parfumeur has chosen for its eaux de parfum.

IFF, infinite creativity 

To offer you unique and bold fragrances, Bon Parfumeur works with the very best fragrance houses. Among them, IFF stands out for its originality and its constant search for new olfactory effects and textures. Its focus? Helping you show who you are through your perfume. Your scent must embody your personality while being original. This fragrance house also created the “Living Flower” analysis technology (1985): it can be used to capture the scent of a living flower and analyze its composition. This has made it possible to recreate the subtle fragrance of particularly delicate flowers including orchids and lily of the valley. The iconic perfumers at this fragrance house are constantly innovating. Some are particularly interested in other types of fragrances and are inspired by all kinds of research, including studies conducted in space.

Givaudan, the undisputed master 

With more than 150 perfumers, the Givaudan fragrance house is a key player in the perfume world. In fact, it’s the leading company. Founded over 250 years ago in Grasse in France, this company (which is now Swiss) uses almost 11,000 different raw materials to develop its fragrances. Some of the most delicate scents come from specific natural channels, developed to protect the environment and the planet’s natural resources. This fragrance house has also had its own perfumery school since 1946. With a campus in Argenteuil and another in Singapore, it trains tomorrow’s talent. The latter can acquire basic knowledge (storing perfumes, the concentration of extracts, for example) and develop their creativity and olfactory imagination by working on various and wide-ranging projects. Today, this school is one of the best known and most popular in the world. One in three perfumes is created by a perfumer trained here. The Givaudan fragrance house is also very forward-thinking. For some years now, it has developed techniques using artificial intelligence. For example, Carto, a computer combined with a robot, can create a fragrance devised by a perfumer on a screen in just a few minutes. It can even suggest options to create exceptional formulas.

Robertet, natural signature scents 

Robertet is another major fragrance house and has been based in Grasse for 200 years. This company has welcomed 5 generations of perfumers and is particularly interested in natural and organic perfumes. Indeed, natural scents have now become its signature. This has encouraged Robertet to develop its expertise and to take an interest in the wider world. Its international development includes Africa, Turkey, Spain and New Caledonia. All over the world, the search for new fragrances pushes this company to excel. And yet this iconic fragrance house hasn’t lost sight of its values and its beliefs. It has established long-term partnerships with all the players in the industry to ensure sustainable and responsible production, from soil treatment to fragrance extraction. It has also focused its expertise on natural and organic ingredients, including the May rose, orange blossom, jasmine, mimosa and ylang-ylang. With such wide-ranging influences, expertise and specific areas of focus, it produces unique and high-quality creations on which it has built its reputation. Today, this fragrance house alternates between innovation and tradition. It still uses the effleurage technique (only using vegetable fat) to produce the most authentic reproductions of plants’ scents. This unique and age-old expertise has earned it the title of an “artisanal and traditional company”.

Bon Parfumeur has chosen the best fragrance houses to create its perfumes. They’re bold and boast unique expertise and particularly innovative techniques. Nothing is left to chance when developing your signature scent.



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