Choosing a perfume for babies: where to start ?

Even if you love the smell of your baby’s skin, the idea of a perfume for your baby may have crossed your mind. As a parent, it’s not always easy to choose a perfume for your child. What aspects should you focus on and, most importantly of all, how can you apply perfume gently? Read on for all our advice on your baby’s first fragrance.

Why choose a perfume for babies?

Babies are very sensitive to their environment and their senses are highly developed at birth. Their sense of smell helps reassure them, enabling them to recognize their parents. Their favorite smell? Their mom! But why start applying a fragrance to your baby? Take care of your little one by introducing a beauty routine at bath time to stimulate their senses. Perfume is a must-have for your newborn! A fragrance for babies is an ideal gift (or the perfect opportunity to treat your little one!). As a mother, you can also use this perfume to remind you of your child’s sweet smell. 

A clean scent for my baby!

When choosing a perfume for your little one, make sure that there are no nasty ingredients. Choose perfumes with a clean composition, opting for ingredients of natural origin and avoiding any controversial substances. If possible, choose fragrances that are alcohol-free and dermatologically tested to protect your little one’s sensitive skin. Go even further and opt for an organic perfume that features ingredients certified by Ecocert: you can be confident that you’re protecting your little one’s health with a delicately scented perfume!

Which notes for a baby?

Choosing a perfume for your baby? A real challenge! Although you’re sure to love your baby’s natural scent, some notes are simply irresistible! Opt for discreet, fresh and light fragrances for your little one. Read on to find out our favorite notes for perfumes for babies:

Gourmand notes

For your baby’s first fragrance, opt for sweet scents such as vanilla, honey and cream. These fragrances are ideal: your baby will smell good enough to eat!

Green notes

Mint, honeysuckle and lime blossom can be used to create light, sweet and heady fragrances for your baby. Indeed, as parents, you’re sure to want to use the scent yourselves!

Floral notes

Sweet almond, neroli, magnolia and cornflower: with that characteristic baby smell we all love so much, floral accords create sweet and innocent fragrances for children. Whether it’s nap time or not, orange blossom and chamomile are wonderfully soothing for little ones.

Fruity notes

Citrus accords featuring mandarin and fruity notes such as rhubarb and apple create delicate and fresh fragrances that are perfect for the summer season.

Some of these notes are frequently used in baby care products such as body washes, wipes and moisturizers: they are a good way to help your child develop their sense of smell by introducing them to reassuring scents they already know!

How should babies wear perfume?

Even with clean fragrances, it can seem a bit much to spray perfume on your baby’s skin. Want to find out how to apply a subtle scent to your little one? Here are our tips:

- Spray perfume on your baby’s clothes: your little one will love this! Delicately spray a little perfume on your baby’s collar or sleeves. In winter, spray perfume on your baby’s hat or scarf: every time your little one moves, the wonderful fragrance will be released!

-Perfume your baby’s hair: add a little fragrance to your little one’s hair for a truly delicious scent. Spray some of your favorite perfume on a brush or a comb, then style your baby’s hair as usual. This is particularly practical because it will help to tame those stubborn strands: what could be better?

Applying perfume to your baby: yes, but it’s all about safety! Be demanding when it comes to choosing a fragrance and follow our advice on how to apply a subtle scent. Need a girls’ perfume or a boys’ fragrance that your little one can use in a few years’ time? Read our dedicated articles for our expert advice!



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