Which perfume to choose for fall?

Changing your perfume with the seasons is a great idea! This fall, say goodbye to your summer scents. Opt for a sensual perfume to create comforting warmth as you wait for winter’s arrival. Not sure which fragrance to choose this fall? Don’t worry! Read on for our advice on choosing a simply irresistible scent!

Should you change your perfume with the seasons?

Our moods change with the seasons throughout the year. What better way to welcome a new season than with a fragrance that reflects the weather? Say goodbye to summer’s beautifully sunny days and embrace the gradually changing weather before the arrival of winter snow by opting for a perfume for fall: a truly excellent idea!

This fall, leave behind the light fragrances you wore all summer long and choose woody fragrances with comforting warm notes. There’s plenty to consider!

Perfume: which notes for fall?

For a sensual September

Although fall marks the return of endless layers of clothing on a daily basis, that’s no reason to forget about sex appeal! Change things up and celebrate sensuality this season by opting for perfumes with floral bouquets and oriental notes such as orange blossom and jasmine.

A combination of woody and floral scents is guaranteed to create a delightfully wild effect: black musk adds a touch of spice, pear and bergamot notes are stunningly sensual and licorice and black vanilla are deliciously gourmand. Something tells us that you won’t be bored this fall!

Heart-warming woody notes

It’s impossible to talk about fall without mentioning the infinite hues of the leaves on the trees, forest walks and romantic candlelit evenings spent in front of the fire. In September, choose a fragrance with warm and woody notes to spice up the season. It’s the perfect time for sandalwood, along with wonderfully sexy chypre accords, featuring notes of patchouli, jasmine, musk, amber and oakmoss.

For a mesmerizing fall

We’re all looking for new experiences this season. Create the ultimate sense of mystery this fall by pairing leather notes with wonderfully spicy cardamom and saffron for an endlessly satisfying combination of fragrances. Don’t forget vetiver either: it’s incredibly sensual.

Ready to treat yourself to a fragrance for fall? Although summer’s been and gone, there’s no need to worry about the cold just yet! We promise you: this season promises to be hot and sensual! Struggling to find a fragrance for winter? What about spring or summer? Read our articles on these subjects to find the perfect perfume.



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