How to choose a perfume for summer ?

Choosing a perfume is always very personal. Although it depends on your preferences, your personality and even the pH of your skin, the perfect fragrance for you is always out there. How can you choose a seasonal perfume? When the sun comes out, which summer perfume should you choose? Read on for our advice on how to choose a head-turning perfume for summer.

Why should your perfume change with the seasons?

Whether you’ve been loyal to the same fragrance for years or feel the need to change things up, you may want to adapt your scent to the season. Why? Different weather and the change of season have a direct influence on our mood and how we feel.

The beginning of summer always makes us yearn for the freedom to get away from it all. Even if there’s no chance of jetting off somewhere exotic, a new perfume can transport you and awaken your senses.

Perfume: which notes to choose for summer?

It’s important to focus on what you like when choosing a perfume. If your fragrance is going to give a glimpse of your personality and who you really are, it should make you feel confident and self-assured. Follow our guide to choose the best summer fragrance.

Do perfume and sunshine go together?

Summer’s here! Planning to work on your tan with an all-day sun lounger session but unable to leave the house without a couple of spritzes of perfume? Don’t worry! Follow these tips on how to wear perfume on sunny days:

- Create a cloud of fragrance with a few sprays. Walk through it to capture the scent.

- Spray some perfume on your hair. As your hair blows in the breeze, it will release some of your fragrance.

- Perfume your clothes. Spray your fragrance a few centimeters from the fabric.

    Opt for light fragrances

    Summertime: the sun shines and temperatures rise. Despite our love of hot summer sun, we can’t resist the opportunity to enjoy a fresh feeling when it comes to our perfumes!

    Of course, you don’t want to put up with a heavy scent this summer, but you do want to find a long-lasting fragrance. The perfect compromise? A refreshing summer scent which lasts all day and lingers on your skin in the evening.

    For a wonderfully fresh feel this summer, why not mix and match your fragrances? Add an eau de parfum with a traditional cologne scent (featuring fresh citrus notes) and you’re good to go!

    Fragrances which smell like summer

    Summer’s all about light, sweet scents. If you’re not brave enough to opt for fruity and exotic fragrances during the rest of the year, now’s the time to take the plunge! Not a fan? Opt for invigorating citrus top notes and floral base notes for a stimulating effect. Looking for a light and sensual summer fragrance for women? Choose red berry top notes combined with a gentle hint of vanilla. Keep cool on hot days with the refreshing effect of marine notes. You’re sure to love it!

    It’s not always easy to choose a perfume and it’s just as complicated to pick the right seasonal fragrance. Not sure how to choose a perfume for summer? Let your intuition guide you as you find the ultimate carefree yet seductive fragrance: you’ll be irresistible this summer! Get ready for the end of summer by finding out how to choose a perfume for fall, winter and spring.




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