How to choose a women’s perfume ?

Perfume is the ultimate part of any skincare routine: who could live without it? A well-chosen fragrance captivates and hypnotizes anyone who’s lucky enough to smell it. Although it’s a good idea to choose a perfume for your age, it’s best to choose a scent that gives a glimpse of your personality to reveal who you really are!

Olfactory families: each with its own personality

 A perfume must immediately give a glimpse of who you are. To find your ideal fragrance, let’s go over the different olfactory families and their associated traits. Follow us!

Oriental perfumes for bold personalities

 With their powerful and spicy notes, oriental scents are perfect for you. The delicate blend of musk, spice, amber and vanilla creates incredible fragrances that are ideal for people who are confident and irresistible. Don’t say we didn’t warn you! Our favorite? Eau de Parfum 402 with caramel, vanilla and sandalwood notes.

Floral fragrances for people who love weekends in the countryside

To celebrate your gentle, affectionate and sensitive nature, opt for elegant and fresh perfumes with subtle floral accords. Floral fragrances feature iris, jasmine, rose and lily of the valley: you won’t be able to get enough! Ready to reveal your sentimental side? Opt for Eau de Parfum 103 with a touch of hibiscus.

Aquatic scents for dynamic people

Sporty or hyperactive? With their incredibly refreshing scent, hesperide fragrances are made for you. Featuring citrus notes, including green tangerine, grapefruit and orange, they create an invigorating and stimulating effect, instantly putting you in a good mood. Ready to take the plunge? We recommend Eau de Parfum 802 and its peony, lotus and bamboo notes!

 Chypre perfumes for adults with a child-like streak

 Chypre scents are perfect for mature and modern men and women with a child-like streak. Showcase your multi-faceted personality by opting for unique accords combining notes of oakmoss, bergamot, rose and patchouli: a daring blend that truly reflects how unique you are. We recommend Eau de Parfum 101 with its exquisite notes of sweet pea.

 Woody scents for mysterious men and women

 With their warm, sensual notes, woody perfumes like the patchouli, pepper and cedar 602 perfume are wonderfully seductive. With woody accords of sandalwood, cedar and patchouli, you’ll be the center of attention, much to your delight!

 Is it a good idea to choose a perfume for your age?

Instead of choosing a perfume for your age, shake things up and choose a scent that reflects your current mood!

After all, light, spring-like fragrances aren’t just for teenagers! With their floral accords of jasmine, lily and lily of the valley, these fresh fragrances are utterly delightful and are suitable for any age. Do you want an invigorating fragrance for your fast-paced lifestyle? Try citrus notes, including grapefruit and mandarin and opt for 004 from Bon Parfumeur!

Bold scents are ideal for young people: choose oriental perfumes with notes of vanilla, tonka bean and patchouli to boost your sex appeal. Woody fragrances with sophisticated notes such as cedar and sandalwood are a wonderfully elegant choice.

Still not sure which women’s perfume to choose? Why not opt for the subtle scent of a unisex perfume? Whatever your personality, the right fragrance is out there. Need advice on how to choose a perfume for men or for children? Find out all our best tips when it comes to perfume!



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