Creating your own cologne: treat yourself to truly unique fragrances!

Whether you’re wearing a scent on long summer evenings or to feel transported in the middle of winter, opt for something incredibly fresh! Rather than making a perfume yourself or borrowing your granny’s cologne, choose one of the exclusive fragrances created by our perfumers. Inspired by everything from mojito cocktails to healthy breakfasts, these lively fragrances are sure to appeal!


Cologne: a modern twist on this iconic perfume

The story goes that this refreshing unisex perfume was invented by the Italian Giovanni Paolo Feminis in the city of Cologne. It was made with citrus fruits, including lemon and mandarin, and herbs such as bergamot and rosemary. This alcohol-based fragrance was considered to be a medicinal lotion, rather than part of a beauty routine. Renowned for its invigorating effect, this perfume’s formula has now been transformed to offer unique and powerful fragrances.

At Bon Parfumeur, we offer a wide range of eaux de parfum with fresh and invigorating notes, inspired by cologne’s powerful combination of citrus scents. Our perfumes are more concentrated and linger on your skin for a fragrance that lasts all night.

Which notes for my cologne? 

Thinking about creating your own cologne? There’s no need to come up with a magic potion to create spellbinding fragrances: treat yourself to Bon Parfumeur’s cologne perfumes. With their incredibly refreshing and lively scents, you won’t be able to resist!

Eau de Parfum 001 : orange blossom, petitgrain and bergamot

Even better than a refreshing cocktail by the pool, this unique fragrance packs a punch. With its notes of bergamot, orange blossom and lavender, it offers a fresh, subtle scent. The citrus notes of mandarin and lemon combine perfectly with the aromatic notes of rosemary to create an invigorating fragrance with an unusual personality.

Eau de Parfum 002 : neroli, jasmine and white amber

Like the sun’s rays coming through the shutters on a summer morning to warm your skin, this fresh, contemporary perfume is the perfect way to start the day. Made with orange blossom, this fragrance offers sensual notes of white flowers, including jasmine and lily of the valley, combined with bergamot for a refreshing twist. The best bit? A subtle white musk and amber base that’s sure to turn heads.

Eau de Parfum 003 : yuzu, violet leaves and vetiver

Want to be transported? Enjoy a trip to the Amalfi Coast and bask in the shade of the orange trees with this playful yet striking fragrance. Notes of musk and vetiver create a woody scent, enhanced by yuzu, green tea and violet leaves. A highly addictive and invigorating olfactory journey!

Eau de Parfum 004 : gin, mandarine, musk

Are you a fan of a gin and tonic on the terrace at any time of day? You won’t be able to resist this unusual fragrance. A cocktail of citrus fruits, made with Italian lemon, bergamot and mandarin, this exclusive fragrance echoes the famous alcoholic drink with its notes of juniper berry. Nutmeg and tonka bean warm up this sparkling fragrance for a mellow, long-lasting scent! Magical!

Although you could create your eau de toilette or be tempted by a custom perfume, why not let the pros do it instead? With their refreshing and refined scents, you’ll be captivated by our range of cologne-style eaux de parfum! 



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