Making your own eau de toilette

Making a perfume: everyone has thought about it and some have even tried it, with varying success. The truth is that it’s impossible to make your own eau de toilette unless you’re a professional.

How is an eau de toilette made?

An eau de toilette is a precise and balanced blend of several fragrances. It takes 10 years of studies and training to learn about fragrances and their compatibility. It is not enough to take two smells you like and mix them together: the result is almost always disappointing.

Making an eau de toilette or making an eau de cologne requires an in-depth knowledge of chemistry. You need to use the right amounts of the various ingredients, adapting them to create a pleasant and balanced scent and then stabilizing this fragrance so that it lasts on the skin for several hours. It is vital to measure the different ingredients precisely to ensure that the skin is perfumed but protected.

How can an eau de toilette be personalized?

Even if making your own eau de toilette is impossible, you can still have fun creating your own scent by mixing and matching. It’s simple but efficient to create custom perfumes: choose the basic fragrances you like from Bon Parfumeur, then combine them to create your own eau de parfum. Bon Parfumeur’s perfumes are clean, unisex and made in France: mix them without any risk and create an eau de parfum to reflect who you are. 

Have fun creating your own eau de toilette or eau de cologne, inspired by the season, what you’re doing or even your mood with the mix & match sets from Bon Parfumeur. If you want to find out more about the different ways of making a perfume or perfume concentrations, read our articles. You’ll also find everything you want to know about perfume extracts, eaux de senteur and a detailed article on making a perfume.



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