Everything you need to know about storing unopened perfume

How long can you keep unopened perfume? We’re sure that you must already have asked yourself this question. When it comes to storing perfume which has already been used, we know that fragrances can be kept for several years. So what about perfumes which haven’t been opened? Read on and we’ll explain everything.

How long will my unopened perfume last?

Although fragrance houses usually provide perfume addicts with guidance about a scent’s shelf life (of around 30 months) on the bottom of bottles, it’s difficult to know what to do with unopened fragrances after 3 years of loyal service.

Let us reassure you: if you’ve just found a forgotten but unopened perfume, there’s no need to get rid of it!

Your perfume can be stored for decades in its original packaging. Your fragrance won’t have oxidized on contact with the air and is therefore unlikely to be affected by the passing of time!

Protecting an unopened perfume

Although the packaging protects your perfume from external factors that may affect its scent, you should still take care of it. The best thing to do? Keep your precious bottle of perfume away from the triple threat of light, heat and humidity! The ultimate option? Put it in a cupboard where it can wait patiently for its turn to come!

So there you have it: there’s no need to get rid of your perfume in its original packaging. There are plenty of misconceptions when it comes to storing cosmetics. One of the most common: should a bottle of perfume be kept in the fridge? Read our tips to be sure!



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