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Do you dream of being able to wear a unique fragrance, despite not having the budget for a bespoke scent from a master perfumer? Good news! The layering trend is here to shake things up and we couldn’t be happier! To find out how to choose a perfume, read on to learn more about this new beauty trend you’ll love!

What is perfume layering?

Layering involves combining several fragrances to create a single scent. This combination of different scents creates a bespoke perfume and there’s no need to pay an extortionate price for a professional to do it for you. In other words, it’s all about mixing the different perfumes you already have to invent your own olfactory signature. Wearing a fragrance that no one else can wear is the ultimate dream, isn’t it?

Perfume: the different kinds of layering

Classic layering

In perfumery, this technique involves layering or using several cosmetic products at the same time. Body lotion or cream, shower gel, deodorant and even perfume: a range of exquisite scents create a beautifully perfumed bubble. One thing’s for sure: you’ll make quite an impression!

Middle Eastern layering

In this part of the world, layering is common among men and women. The ultimate beauty routine in the Middle East? Applying a musky body cream before applying a fragrance with a truly unique composition called bakhoor: an oud-based perfume is mixed with another fragrance.

Our advice for successful layering

Read on for our tips on successfully mixing and matching your perfumes:

- Enhance the oriental character of a perfume by adding a note of vanilla.
- Add a certain freshness to a fragrance by choosing hesperide scents with their citrus notes.
- Emphasize a note within the same olfactory family: add pure vanilla to an oriental perfume that already features vanilla, for example.
- Choose the right olfactory combinations: floral fragrances go very well with fruity scents; spicy perfumes work perfectly with vanilla accords.
- Limit yourself to two fragrances.

Accessible to all, perfume layering makes it possible to create a unique fragrance in just a few spritzes. But it’s a good idea to learn the rules before starting out! Need advice on how to choose a perfume for your personality? Follow the guide!

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