When the influencer industry and influencers choose perfume

Travel, tech, food and drink, beauty and even the world of fashion: influencers are omnipresent and are now an integral part of the perfume world. How does the influencer industry manage to influence our choice of fragrances? Read on to find out!

Perfume and influencers 

While iconic perfumers and fragrance houses need no introduction, the role of influencers isn’t often so clear for consumers. With their numerous subscribers on social media, using their YouTube channels or their blogs, they help brands to showcase their products by giving them more visibility. From serious presentations to product tests, influencers each have their own way of introducing us to new fragrances.

Choosing a perfume without even having tried it? A bold move! To avoid any mistakes, Bon Parfumeur has created a discovery kit with 22 mini samples of our perfumes: what could be better?

Bon Parfumeur: influencers are talking about us! 

If you’re often on YouTube and you like perfume, you can’t have missed it. Parfumtv, fragranceview, olivierparfumerie and scentedmoments, the most perfume-savvy influencers have all mentioned our products on this legendary platform. To find out exactly what they think of us, go and take a look right now !

Want to find out more about the fascinating world of perfume? You’ve come to the right place. We’re here to help with everything you need to know about organic perfumes, the other types of fragrances, how to store your perfume, perfumery exhibitions and museums and how to become a perfumer 



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