Scents for retail stores: a unique customer experience

Have you ever walked into a store and been captivated by its scent? That’s no surprise! More and more brands are using this other type of fragrance to provide customers with a unique in-store experience. Find out how scents for retail stores can have a positive influence on our behavior.

Perfume for marketing

Airports, stores and even car dealerships are all getting in on the act to boost their sales strategy and improve in-store sales. Read on and we’ll tell you everything you need to know about how fragrance is used!

The olfactory identity of a brand 

Some brands and companies rely on perfume to create their own identity and stand out from the crowd. Using tailor-made fragrances, brands manage to subtly convey their values and their DNA. With their carefully chosen notes, these scents highlight brands’ expertise and create quite an impact on consumers. When it comes to perfume, nothing is left to chance. The aim? To ensure that you recognize the brand’s scent with your eyes closed! A bold move that pays off!

Olfactory marketing

The purpose of sensory marketing is simple: light intensity, appropriate sound volume, scent and more. All of the consumer’s senses are stimulated by an atmosphere which has been carefully and cleverly designed. By creating a favorable environment and encouraging certain emotions through scent, the brand is able to directly influence the behavior of its customers. In other words, people stay longer in store, they’re more likely to buy products and, above all, they soon want to come back! An ideal situation! Are you impressed by the scent at the newly opened Samaritaine in Paris? No wonder since it’s the famous perfume composer IFF that developed their interior fragrance! It all makes sense now!

The scents that turn heads, literally and metaphorically

Do in-store scents encourage us to buy? Definitely! Who hasn’t given in to temptation when passing by a bakery and smelling delicious chocolate or warm bread? We’re not doubting the baker’s talents, but it’s the smell that forces us to get our wallets out! In luxury hotels and boutiques, hints of leather emphasize the elegance and sophistication of the brand, all while showcasing a certain prestige. Nature-inspired concept stores spray a few spritzes of woody fragrances with notes of cedar or incense to enhance their brand image by creating an in-store experience reminiscent of a walk in the woods. There’s a different perfume for every store!

If you’re already a fan of in-store fragrances, what about home fragrances or car fragrances? Scents are shaking things up all around us, transporting us to different worlds.



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