Other types of perfume: what your sense of smell says about you

Perfume is incredibly multifaceted. It can leave a delicious scent in your wake when sprayed on your skin or create a personalized olfactory atmosphere at home or in your car. It can also be worn by man’s best friend: that’s right, perfumes for pets really do exist! And that’s not forgetting scents which are specially created to whet your appetite and encourage you to spend money in store. Your sense of smell is incredibly important in everyday life. 

 A personalized home fragrance

It’s increasingly common to fragrance your home. Why? To create a relaxing atmosphere which encourages a sense of well-being. Scented candles or diffusers are often used for this purpose. Bon Parfumeur has chosen a collection of candles which will enhance your home. The fragrances of these candles have been created by iconic perfumers from some of the most renowned fragrance houses. You can also enjoy perfume in the car. Opt for a small, discreet diffuser which releases an organic fragrance or something else to soothe and create a sense of well-being. 

And what about pets?

When it comes to your passion for perfume, don’t forget your dog! The industry has understood the importance of perfume for pets: multiple fragrances are now available. Designed for animals and influenced by amazing dog influencers, these colognes get rid of any bad smells and create a sense of style.  

Retail stores also have their own signature scent 

Because a fragrance is a genuine signature, more and more brands are choosing to use perfume in store and in museums. Food industry professionals also use fragrance to whet your appetite. Imagine the sweet scent of chocolate wafting through the doorway of a bakery: it’s impossible to resist the sweet treats in the window. The same principle applies at the greengrocer. When you smell vine peaches in the middle of summer, it’s no surprise that you want to fill your basket with sweet, juicy fruit. 

Some perfumers now specialize in these olfactory fields, including the storage of perfumes. Their incredible skill has encouraged the use of perfume in many other settings. These scents help us to feel happy and ensure that we enjoy a sense of well-being and indulgence a daily basis.




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