The Different Type of Perfumes

There are three different types of perfume: alcoholic perfumes, oily perfumes and solid perfumes. Alcoholic perfumes have a final liquid aspect that you surely know, they are called juices for the most intimate ones. The juices are in fact obtained from a mixture of water and alcohol. The alcohol used in alcoholic perfumes is an ethyl alcohol, which is olfactorily neutral and allows the odorous concentrate to be distilled efficiently. It also provides an immediate feeling of freshness from the first application, regardless of the fragrance family. It is invigorating and it participates in the fact that to perfume oneself remains one of our favorite daily gestures. As of the application, thanks to its volatile character, the alcohol evaporates. As for the perfume, it is fixed correctly on the skin, to distil its aromas throughout the day - still it is necessary to know how to apply perfume! Alcohol also allows an excellent conservation of the perfume over time. It is thanks to this that alcoholic perfumes can be kept for several years.

Another type of perfume, less common than alcoholic perfumes, are oily perfumes. They use oil as a composition carrier - most often sweet almond, sesame or wheat germ oil. It is the ideal perfume for very dry and ultra-sensitive skin, it will act as a real moisturizing remedy. The touch is dry and particularly appreciable. The only problem with this type of perfume is its olfactory panel. In fact, the list of fragrant components that mix uniformly with the oil is short and the olfactory field of oily perfumes is thus restricted. This is why at Bon Parfumeur we have not retained oily perfumes in the carte blanche entrusted to our perfumers.

At Bon Parfumeur, we have opted for exclusively alcoholic eaux de parfum which, more widespread, offer a wide range of olfactory creations. Our eaux de parfum are thus available in 3 formats: travel size (15ml), 30mL and 100mL. More recently we have also worked on solid perfumes available in two sized scented candles: 70g and 180g, scented solid soaps and hand cream. We can also differentiate different families of perfumes among our 28 fragrances.

Finally, there are also solid perfumes. The solid perfumes have a rather particular form, because they are not presented in the form of "juice" and do not fit in bottles. They come in the form of wax, oil, or vegetable butter. The solid perfume exists both for the skin and for the home. For the skin, it is applied in the form of a compact, very rich balm. Its most famous form is the wax widely used in scented candles. Solid perfumes allow a more intense adherence and offer a continuous diffusion when used in candles. A true happiness all in delicacy which lasts and lasts.



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