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Cube of four fragrances in 2.5ml 601 602 801 901

The following minishots are available:

001: orange blossom, petitgrain, bergamot
002: neroli, yasmine, white amber
003: yuzu, violet leaves, vetiver
101: rose, sweet pea, white cedar
102: tea, cardamom, mimosa
103: tiare flower, jasmine, hibiscus
201: green apple, lily-of-the-valley, pear
202: watermelon, red currant, jasmine
203: raspberry, vanilla, blackberry
401: cedar, candied plum, vanilla
402: vanilla, toffee, sandalwood
501: praline, licorice, patchouli
601: vetiver, cedar, bergamote
602: pepper, cedar, patchouli
701: eucalyptus, coriander, cypress
801: sea spray, cedar, grapefruit
901: nutmeg, almond, patchouli

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We made a selection of our favorites fragrances and paired them into sets of 4 to introduce you to our perfumery. Each fragrance of these sets is made in France by renown perfumers with exceptional raw materials.

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Get intimates with your new fragrances at home. You'll receive 4 (incredibly cute) minishots of 2.5ml each to test your new fragrance in different situation. We recommend to try them both indoor and outdoor as fragrances are adaptive to the environment. You can also try them individually or together to develop your own custom scent.

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