Corinne Cachen

An intrepid traveler, Corinne’s passion for perfumery has been inspired by the delicious scents she’s encountered all over the world. She spent her childhood in the West Indies, where she developed her love of the vibrant beauty of spices, the energy of citrus fruit and the comfort of balsamic notes. Several years later, her dream came true when she joined Drom, the renowned perfume house that’s now known as Givaudan, where she worked for 20 years.

She draws on her personal experiences to bring her fragrances to life but her greatest inspiration is nature, a source of endless treasures with all its power and tranquility.

Corinne is also a rugby fan and loves the friendly atmosphere and sense of community during matches. She sees the sport as being the perfect expression of beauty in strength. What does she love most about Bon Parfumeur? Its mix & match sets. Corinne believes that everyone should be able to develop their own olfactory identity by layering fragrances. In her view, a good perfumer knows how to draw on his or her emotions to develop a fragrance that resonates with people.

Corinne Cachen has created various perfumes including 203, 402 with vanilla, toffee and sandalwood and 901 with nutmeg, almond and patchouli. 203 combines raspberry, vanilla and blackberry. Its sparkling top notes are the perfect combination with its gourmand notes of red berries and vanilla.

Our 402 fragrance is even more gourmand. It combines vanilla, toffee and sandalwood. This mellow perfume is a delight for fans of delicious fragrances: it’s an incredibly sweet scent.

Our Perfume 901  features nutmeg, almond and patchouli, revealing refreshing head notes that are followed by a heart note of blond wood and a sensual tonka base note.



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