600 - Woody Perfumes

Bon parfumeur woody perfumes selection
Forest and nature
Woody and vegetal scents, like a return to nature... but twisted with black pepper or bergamot.
Elegant, warm and opulent, woody notes have become dear to the hearts of perfumers. They come from woods or plants, such as patchouli (roots) and vetiver (leaves). A woody fragrance is warmth, depth, audacity and above all a lot of character. Some people find it almost reassuring. Woody notes bring structure to the perfume and are generally used as a base note, i.e. those that remain on the skin after several hours. They become in turn warmer and more sensual and melt gently on the skin. Cedar, vetiver, patchouli, oud, wood, in short, as many notes which give a very special character to our perfume of the moment!


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