400 - Oriental Perfumes

Discover all oriental perfumes from Bon Parfumeur

A very soft vanilla milk
Suave, velvety and bewitching fragrances... which oscillate between a caressing vanilla, candied fruits and spicy notes…

Oriental or amber perfumes generally have a very pronounced base note. This one can be soft and deep, sometimes spicy or sweet, greedy... In any case, it always develops a sensuality specific to the Orient. It is for this reason that we speak about seduction perfumes. They are heady, intense, and deeply sensual. Endowed with a strong character, they leave behind them a warm and spicy trail, all in sensuality. We often find in oriental perfumes strong scents such as amber notes, patchouli perfumes or vanilla perfumes. At Bon Parfumeur, we have developed vanilla-scented orientals, soft and powerful at the same time. It is the sign of an extreme sensuality. The scent is slightly spicy, sweet, even greedy. They are ideal perfumes to put yourself forward.


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