300 - Spicy Amber Perfumes

Olfactive Family - spicy amber
A balmy warmth.
Does an assertive character appeal to you? We let ourselves be submissively captivated by the amber and spicy scents of these perfumes. A tension between spices like cardamom and amber.
Caliente! Spicy amber perfumes boast elegant and mellow notes. We’re head-over-heels for sandalwood, the captivating and creamy woody scent of Eau de parfum 301! Chili pepper has a hypnotic fragrance and pink berries reveal delicately peppery notes. Are you a fan of iris? Its rich and powdery scent is elegant and long-lasting. It’s a perfume in itself. Let’s talk spices! They can be cold or warm. Big up for cardamom and its fresh, spicy accents of Eau de parfum 302! With its delicate, warm and enveloping scent, amber is a perfect match for these spices.


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