Aquatic Perfumes

Olfactive category - Aquatic

Sea, sex and sun... Our aquatic perfumes plunge you into a world of marine scents in which the sea spray transports you across the ocean blue with the wind in your hair! The breeze intensifies, creating swirling scents of spices, pink pepper and nutmeg. Yes to marine notes, but with character and staying power! Aquatic perfumes also feature the morning dew, with sweet and light notes for a feeling of freshness. Peony and lotus flower offer a gentle caress. It’s a far cry from sea spray in your hair! These are very different yet very refreshing scents. 

Available in several formats, depending on your mood! A 30 ml bottle for your first time, a 100 ml bottle for real fans! Mix and match your favorite fragrances to create your own signature scent. What does that mean? It means combining several perfumes, guaranteeing a unique and singular fragrance. We’ve put together a selection of our favorite combinations.  

PS: don’t forget to take your travel-sized perfumes with you to slip into a beach bag or a small pocket! They’re so convenient! 

Treat yourself to an aquatic perfume and enjoy the scent of the ocean with every spritz and passing breeze. Immerse yourself in your fondest memories with our aquatic fragrances.



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