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Want to drop everything and go explore? Our floral fragrances will transport you to captivating rose gardens or a field of mimosas. Travel to the other side of the world as you enjoy the exotic scents of tiaré flower and jasmine. Our floral creations are subtle and sensual. This perfume evokes the pleasure of seeing spring’s return and peaceful poolside holidays, relaxing in the warming sunshine.  Looking for a unique and original scent? It’s easy with mix and match. What does that mean? Mix and match makes it possible to combine different perfumes. And we’ve selected a few eaux de parfums that go wonderfully with floral notes. Combine these sets of two or three fragrances to reflect your mood and how you’re feeling. You can take our 30 ml and 100 ml bottles with you every day. When you’re off on holiday, don’t forget our travel-sized perfume bottles, available individually or as a trio. It’s easy to slip them into a clutch or a weekend bag. You can also take them with you on evenings out or when traveling on public transport for an extra spritz or two! 



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