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The fruity perfumes are very appreciated for their well-known tonalities. Easy to wear in any circumstance, the fruity perfumes are perfect for an everyday perfume. Although innocent, the fruits bring an attractive and ultra greedy side. In the same spirit as the floral perfumes, we distinguish two types of fruity perfumes. Those with a single fruit note - simple and clearly identifiable - and those with several fruity notes - more accomplished olfactively because they are faceted. At Bon Parfumeur all our fragrances are deliberately gender neutral and faceted to offer a result that is always precise and surprising. You can consult our perfume guide if you need help on how to choose your perfume. Our eaux de parfum are also designed to be used together in order to make you the master of your own perfume, this is perfume layeringFruity fragrances are in the spotlight at Bon Parfumeur through three eaux de parfum. The apple first, in a green and tonic eau de parfum 201. Lighter, the fruity eau de parfum 202 is a sensual fragrance around watermelon, resulting in a perfume with both fruity and floral notes. The blackberry and raspberry perfume 203 is the most greedy of the fruity perfumes. Its vanilla notes bring a certain change of scenery and a sweet facet.



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