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Bon Parfumeur Cologne Perfumes are zesty, sparkling and contain warm notes. Our cologne perfumes are not traditional eau de cologne but eau de parfum instead. They are therefore more concentrated in perfume than traditional colognes and last longer on your skin. Our cologne perfumes are made of hesperides notes, such as citrus and bergamot. Their scent is quite unique, often referred as a “refined flower”. Very subtle, yet structured, cologne perfumes smell could tend toward green notes, sometimes bitter as well as rond and sweet. Bergamot zest are for instance used in our 001 cologne perfumeOur cologne perfume 003 made of Yuzu instead is a great choix for a less bitter mix. Very structured you may feel that this Japanese citrus is a mix of several citrus. The fragrance is refreshing, citrusy and well balanced. Our mix of neroli flowers, jasmine and white amber fragrance create a bolder 002 cologne perfume.




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