Gourmand Perfumes

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Our gourmand perfumes are real Proustian madeleines, reminding us of our childhood memories and the sweets we used to buy. Captivating scents and iconic raw materials, such as patchouli with its timeless fragrance, give these classic perfumes strength and character. Strong, intense licorice, praline and a touch of caramelized sugar: it’s difficult to resist! 

A suitably sized perfume for every occasion! A travel-sized bottle can be taken anywhere and everywhere: have it on you at all times, whether it’s in a pocket in your jeans for an evening out or at the bottom of a sports bag! There’s a 30 ml bottle for those who are curious and a 100 ml for confirmed fans. More than a perfume, these bottles are beautiful pieces that belong over a fireplace, in the living room or the bathroom. One perfume? Why not two or three? Does the idea of mix and match ring any bells? It’s a way to combine several perfumes to create your own scent. We’ve put together a selection of our favorite combinations. 



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