Jacques Chabert

Originally from Grasse, Jacques is a renowned perfumer. His passion stems from his incredible sense of smell. He enhanced this skill at Robertet, Chanel, Naarden (now Givaudan) and Firmenich. But he didn’t stop there: he also created wonderful scents including Chanel’s Cristalle and Guerlain’s Samsara. In 1992, he founded Fragrances Essentielles, based in the Grasse region, where he now works as a perfumer alongside his two daughters. For the Chaberts, perfumery is a family affair. His favorite ingredient? Vetiver. Jacques also has a real love for jasmine, but not just any jasmine! It has to be grown in Grasse: it’s one of his most beautiful childhood memories of scent. In his view, a good perfumer should be able to inspire others.

For Jacques, perfume is a key part of civilization. He is inspired to create fragrances by artists and their work: composers, painters, writers. Landscapes, from deserts to jungles, are another source of inspiration.

Jacques Chabert is the brains behind our 802. Peony, lotus and bamboo combine to create a wonderfully elegant perfume, with sweet and aquatic notes. The scent of 802 is reminiscent of a garden where the grass is beaded with morning dew. It begins with a fresh, green fragrance before gradually revealing its delicate floral notes, with plant-based accents.


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