Musk Perfumes

Animalistic and wild, black musk perfume is generally regarded as a scent for men. Wrong! Women love its irresistibly sensual side. Often used in perfumery, white musk has been chosen purposefully by our perfumers to create truly must-have fragrances. Like a night out in a cool bar... Inspired by the iconic G&T, our perfumer Karine has created Eau de Parfum 004 with gin, mandarin and musk: an addictive musk perfume for fans of mixology. She’s chosen to combine juniper berries with Italian lemon, bergamot and mandarin to create an icy and sparkling scent! Or your favorite cake, just out of the oven. Corinne Cachen has created Eau de Parfum 402 with vanilla, caramel and sandalwood which is deliciously sweet with oriental accents. What does it promise? Notes of almond, sandalwood, benzoin and musk. It’s a delight!



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