Mylène Alran

Mylène Alran grew up in the south-west of France. She loved discovering natural scents, including the woodland undergrowth and the rose bushes in her family’s garden. She decided to leave the south-west to move to Grasse, the perfume capital, and joined Robertet in 2010. A few months later, Mylène Alran moved to Paris to continue her career alongside Michel Almairac. In January 2019, she achieved her goal of joining Drom Fragrances.

Addicted to woody notes, lichen, moss and vetiver, she creates elegant perfumes with real character. Nature, fashion, art and travel (particularly to Morocco and Cuba) are inexhaustible sources of inspiration for her work. Her definition of a good perfumer is simple: someone with an in-depth knowledge of the classics who’s not afraid to be bold. Patience is another essential quality, in her view!

For Bon Parfumeur, Mylène Alran has created Eau de Parfum 603. It showcases her love of Morocco and combines leather, incense and tonka. The atmosphere of the souks, the bustling streets… This perfume will take you on a dreamy and sunny journey to a comforting memory. Close your eyes and be transported to an almost mystical world… The fragrance blends warm, oriental notes with a tangy freshness. When the perfume reveals itself, it presents both sides of its perfectly balanced personality. A real ode to travel!


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