Why choose a unisex perfume?

A revolutionary development within the world of perfume, unisex fragrances are increasingly popular. Today, you can do much more than choose a perfume for your age: why not opt for unisex fragrances with universal scents? Find out more about the latest beauty trend that you won’t be able to resist!

Unisex perfume: a real revolution?

Have you always believed that perfumes were created for men or women? Let’s get to the bottom of things, once and for all! When a perfumer creates a new fragrance, it’s neither feminine or masculine. Although perfumes have no gender, marketing helps create the concept of male and female fragrances! Although some scents may seem more “feminine” or “masculine”, this depends entirely on personal taste and personality. There you have it: all perfumes are actually unisex. We bet that you’ve already fallen in love with a fragrance that’s supposedly for the opposite sex but haven’t dared to take the plunge! Be bold and follow the trend for unisex perfumes.

Which notes for my unisex perfume?

Unisex fragrances combine different notes to create the perfect balance. To appeal to men and women, unisex perfumes feature universal accords: you’re sure to love them. Read on to find out more about their different notes:

- Aquatic notes: lotus flower, blue cypress and samphire create fresh fragrances.

- Woody notes: cedar and sandalwood create unique accords for smooth, warm scents.

- Spicy notes: cinnamon, juniper and pepper produce mesmerizing and sexy scents.

- Hesperide notes: citrus fruits including grapefruit and lemon add a fresh touch to unisex perfumes.

- Floral notes: lavender, orange blossom and violet are used in unique floral accords!

- Aromatic notes: rosemary and basil feature in reinvigorating and refreshing perfumes.

Choosing a unisex perfume: a bold idea! To shake things up a little, why not opt for a perfume for men or women that you wouldn't have dared to wear before? Or you could borrow a perfume for children from your little one for a blast from the past! There’s only one rule when it comes to perfume: have some fun and opt for a fragrance that awakens your senses!



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