Perfume: find out more about heart notes!

Along with top notes and base notes, heart notes are a key part of a perfume’s composition. A perfume often has various scents and accords: it’s not always easy to identify its heart notes. What are heart notes and which ones should you opt for when choosing the right perfume? Read on for all our secrets to finding a truly irresistible perfume!

What do heart notes reveal about your perfume?

As the name suggests, heart notes reveal the true heart of your perfume. Once the scent of the top notes has faded away, the heart notes linger on your skin for an all-day fragrance. These key notes reveal the perfume’s character and say a lot about your personality: you don’t want to make a mistake with them! Although they’re less intense than top notes, heart notes are much more subtle and evocative than the latter. Heart notes are also known as the “curves” of a perfume: when they’re well chosen, your own curves are likely to become irresistibly attractive! Ready to rise to the challenge?

Which heart notes for my perfume?

Heart notes gradually create a spectacular effect. Although every perfume has its own accords, some scents are more common than others and make up the majority of heart notes. Here’s a quick rundown:


Fruity heart notes create a sweet, gourmand fragrance. Our favorite scents? Red fruits (blackcurrant, blackberry and raspberry) and exotic fruits (passion fruit, pineapple and kiwi) create perfumes that are wonderfully sexy and juicy. Let us know how you find them!


White flowers are common in heart notes: lily, frangipani, ylang-ylang and jasmine are used to create unique accords! We’re also fans of delicate flowers such as iris and violet, along with flowers from the rose family, including rose and peony. Used together, these notes create subtle and timeless fragrances for spring. A safe bet for effortless seduction!


More complex than floral notes, spicy notes are known for their power and intensity. Notes of cinnamon, berries and juniper create incredibly sensual perfumes with real character. Spicy heart notes create bold, mesmerizing perfumes: are you brave enough to give them a try?

Choosing a perfume based on its heart notes? It couldn’t be easier! Let your senses do the talking and enjoy delicate scents that will linger on your skin all day long! Need information about perfume layering or help choosing a perfume by notes, for your age, by personalityfor the season or even a perfume for a wedding? Read on: we’ll tell you everything you need to know!




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