Home fragrance: create a unique ambiance at home

When you come home in the evening and walk through the door, you can immediately smell the reassuring scent of home. Home fragrances inspire, transport and encourage you to relax after a hard day. These other types of fragrances add a very personal touch to every home. Read on to find out our favorite scents for the home. 

Home fragrance: candles or a spray?

Here at Bon Parfumeur, we’ve thought of everything when it comes to long-lasting home fragrances! Whether you choose a candle or an eau de parfum, you’ll love our exotic fragrances.

Scented candles

Created by our expert perfumers, our candles offer a subtle whiff of their addictive and original scents. Placed on a table, your scented candle immediately creates a warm, relaxing and romantic atmosphere in your home. For a relaxing night in or the opportunity to travel without leaving your sofa, we’ve created a range of exquisite home fragrances you’ll love. The best bit? All our candles are clean and made in France, of course!

Eaux de parfum

For a quicker way to transform the olfactory atmosphere, use your current Bon Parfumeur fragrance. Spray a few spritzes of our scents in your home to mix things up. To create your own home fragrance, try our Mix & Match sets. Featuring two of our eaux de parfum, they can be used to create unique olfactory combinations! The ideal way to feel perfectly at home.

A different fragrance for each room

To reflect your current mood and travel the world without leaving home, you need to tailor your home fragrance!

Candle 01 basil, fig leaves, mint, and Eau de Parfum 801, sea spray, cedar and grapefruit: a weekend on the Amalfi coast

6pm. After spending the day at sea on a boat, you finally set foot on dry land; you’re captivated by the sea’s spray and the mood-boosting sunshine. You’ve booked a romantic table at Positano’s best restaurant: first, you savor a pasta dish with fresh basil, followed by an iced limoncello sorbet. Before returning to your stunning hotel suite, you stroll hand in hand through the narrow streets.

Candle 02 coriander seed, honey, tobacco leaf, and Eau de Parfum 701 eucalyptus, coriander and cypress : take a tour of South America

After a wild ride through the lush jungle, it’s time to go back to your hotel. The fresh, woody notes of the day dissipate, leaving tangy citrus notes to take the lead in the evening. The frenzied rhythms of Copacabana beach can be heard through the half-open window. In the distance, a man lights a cigar as he watches the sunset.

Candle 03 patchouli, leather, tonka bean, and Eau de Parfum 603 leather, incense and tonka : a night under the stars in the desert

In the middle of the sand dunes, a luxurious camp awaits you. In the light of the lanterns, you enjoy a hot mint tea as you admire the breathtaking scenery. You’ve seen some incredible sights today. You’re captivated by warm notes of vanilla and rockrose. The woody notes of patchouli and cedar gradually give way to the sensual and earthy scents of leather and musk. You stay up late into the night, but tomorrow is another day.

Getting away from it all by closing your eyes and letting the captivating notes fill the room: that’s the power of home fragrance. If you want to continue your sensory journey away from home, there’s always car fragrance and scents for retail stores!



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