How to choose a perfume according to your age ?

From the very first fragrances we wear as adolescents to the scents we choose as we blossom into adults, a perfume is the ultimate beauty product, accompanying us at every stage of our lives. Do some perfumes have age limits? Definitely not!  Follow our guide to find out how to choose a perfume and enjoy the right scent at any age.

A perfume that changes as you age

Perfume is a key part of a skincare routine. Over time, our personality, our character and our tastes develop and change. It’s no surprise that our favorite fragrances also evolve constantly. Although it might be tempting to remain loyal to a single scent, opting for a perfume that reflects who you are boosts self-confidence and reinforces your image. Which olfactory notes will you choose?

The right fragrance at every age

Which perfume to choose in your teens?

There’s no question of just focusing on light fragrances and avoiding powerful perfumes. Opt for scents that take you back in time: sweet cotton candy and toffee apple.  More unexpected notes such as cedar or patchouli are also suitable for young women with a mysterious side.

How about something other than floral notes in your 20s?

We know what we’re talking about: at Bon Parfumeur, most of our team members are in their twenties! Notes of rose, lily of the valley, jasmine and orange blossom are ideal when it comes to showcasing your spontaneity. Looking for charismatic notes to capture your adventurous attitude? Opt for citrus accords.

Which notes inspire you in your 30s?

Express your dynamism by choosing oriental and spicy perfumes. Vanilla, musk, cinnamon and amber create fragrances with real character and an innate sensuality. Want to try some woody scents? Treat yourself to Bon Parfumeur’s Eau de Parfum 602!

What are you in the mood for in your 40s?

In your forties, you may feel like shaking things up. This desire for change should be reflected by a new perfume. Inject some excitement into the everyday with amber and spicy perfumes with cinnamon and clove: they’re tantalizing, but never tacky!

What scent for the over 50s?

When it comes to choosing a perfume in your fifties and beyond, be confident and break the rules to find a perfume that reflects how you’re currently feeling. To highlight your mysterious side, try woody fragrances with sandalwood and cedar. Looking for a timeless fragrance? Choose a floral perfume featuring rose, lilac, lily and gardenia.

Choosing the right perfume for your age? It couldn’t be easier! Whatever your age, let your intuition guide you: choose a perfume by notes and opt for the scent that suits you best. Need a perfume for a wedding or a fragrance for the season? Read all our articles on the subject:

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