How to choose a boys’ fragrance

Is your teenage son desperate for you to buy him a fragrance? Don’t worry! It might seem complicated to find a fragrance that’s neither too childish nor too adult. But there are plenty of scents for boys out there: you just need to find the right one for him! Read on for all our advice on choosing a children’s perfume and help him to find the perfect fragrance.

A fragrance he can’t be parted from

Whether your son is still a child or already a young man, one thing’s for sure: his fragrance must be right for him. The scent must instantly reveal his taste, personality and ambitions. As his personality develops, it’s vital to find a fragrance that will boost his self-confidence. His first fragrance will accompany him during an important stage of his life: he’s sure to remember it for years to come! Trust him to choose the right scent!

Which notes for a boys’ fragrance?

Although perfumes aren’t developed to be masculine or feminine, some notes are more appealing to young men for everyday fragrances. Find out which scents are likely to win him over.

Sporty young men

Invigorating fragrances are perfect for celebrating young men’s ardor. Citrus notes such as grapefruit and green tangerine create a sense of energy, while aquatic notes such as lotus, samphire and blue cypress are wonderfully refreshing. An ideal fragrance to keep him motivated throughout the day!

Ambitious young men

For boys who are ready to conquer the world, choose fragrances with subtle woody or spicy accords. White musk, amber, cedar and even cinnamon and patchouli create a powerful, virile scent that will appeal to teenagers in search of new challenges. Go, go, go!

Mysterious young men

Are you looking for a fragrance for a boy whose personality is hard to pin down? Floral accords will showcase his multi-faceted character. Notes of orange blossom, lavender and geranium pack a punch while aromatic notes of basil and rosemary create dynamic fragrances.

We want clean fragrances for our boys!

It’s never too early for boys to start taking care of themselves and it’s never too early to learn about sustainability. The best way to raise awareness is by encouraging your son to choose a clean fragrance. Opt for scents that are made with natural ingredients and are sold in fully recyclable packaging: this is better for your little boy’s health and for the planet! The ideal choice? Refillable bottles to limit waste!

How to try a boys’ fragrance

Has your teenage son fallen in love with a fragrance? Not so fast! Remember, scents react differently from person to person: although a fragrance may be appealing at first, this may change after a few hours. But how can he make sure that he’s chosen the right scent? Spray a little perfume on his wrist and let the fragrance develop for a while. The top notes will give way to the heart notes and the base notes, revealing the fragrance in all its glory. Give it a try!

Who said choosing a boys’ fragrance was difficult? Depending on his mood and his personality, your child is sure to find the perfect scent! Are you looking for a girls’ perfume or a fragrance for babies? Follow the guide to make the right choice!



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